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Leaked! The new Premium Liiga match ceremony!

Angelo PalmeriComment

According to a video that was removed after it leaked, there should be a new pre-match ceremony.

The big newness is the gallery of flags welcoming the XI's  on the pitch and the Premium Liiga banner in the middle of the field.

The teams enter the pitch between two rows of volunteers each holding a flag of one of the two teams, creating an alternation of each of the flags (in the removed video were shown flags of Levadia and Lokomotiv).
Once on the pitch, the teams line behind the banner and proceed to the usual handshake in front of the audience.

The Premium Liiga anthem will be the same.

The ceremony will be quite similar to the one of the Estonian Cup final when the cup finalists enter the A.LeCoq Arena pitch through a gallery of all the clubs participating into the competition.