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Clubs new jerseys: Levadia and Kalju are already leading

Angelo PalmeriComment

New season. New faces. New challenges. New expectations.

New aspirations. The Premium Liiga 2014 will certainly bring us new things after the long winter break.

We already know that there will be a new match ceremony accompanying the XI’s onto the pitch.

The new video presenting the new broadcast of games by the Estonian national TV is a top-notch product.

Clubs are also contributing in bringing something new by refreshing their home and away jerseys.

As in last season table, the leaders are Levadia and Kalju.

Both sponsored by Adidas, the leading Estonian clubs have decided to change their outfit for the upcoming season.

Kalju's new home jersey - click to enlarge (

Kalju slight makeover

Kalju’s home jersey is similar to the one from last season: black is the dominant colour with white Adidas stripes ending just before the sleeve’s end to allow patches to be printed.

The ‘Premium Liiga’ patch will be placed on the right whereas the charity ‘’ logo will end up on the left sleeve after having taken the main spot on the front over the past two seasons.

The new main sponsor of Kalju, betting agency ‘Optibet’, will take the front side of both jerseys.

On the backside, another sponsor (‘Maxima’ supermarket chain) is at the bottom of the usual name-number combination.

The name and numbers will still be printed in pink to honour the pink past of the Kalju jersey.


New name and number design for the back of the shirt - cick to enlarge (Kalju facebook page)

Away white and light grey jersey - click to enlarge (

Fonts and numbers have also been changed. The typical round Adidas numbers and fonts (the same standard was used for Levadia) has been replaced with sharp-edged ones giving a clean-cut new look.


The round white and black neck has been replaced by a totally white v-neck with grey edges. The grey edge is repeated on the sleeves bottom.

A total makeover is the away shirt.
The black colour has completely disappeared replaced by grey. Grey is forming a series of stripes in front creating a shiny effect whereas the back of the jersey is totally white. The black name and numbers have the same pattern of the home jersey pink ones. The black vein splitting the number has been replaced with a white one. Also the logo at the bottom of the numbers has been changed from black to white.


Old and new, click to enlarge

The logo itself was changed.
The ‘Meistriliiga’ on top of the crest was removed to be replaced by ‘Tallinn’ (which was at the bottom before).
What shall be a crown of laurel leaves it was maintained and tied at the bottom with a star returning to the same logo as before Kalju turned Champions in 2012. The crown leaves have been simplified and more stylised.


The new logo with dominant white appeared already during the summer - click to enlarge

The Kalju main coat of arms has also undergone a change as far as concerns the home jersey.
The traditional black and white, has been replaced with a white and black. The latter was maintained on the away shirt for a better contrast.
The change is definitive after being introduced in the shirt used for the European campaign.

That was not sweat running down the armpits but design...

That was not sweat running down the armpits but design...

How the fans will welcome these changes? Usually the success of a jersey is also determined by the achievements of the season.

In 2006, Italy won the World Cup with a jersey that had been widely criticized ahead of the final tournament in Germany. Never heard of after.

Levadia, silent changes.

Contrary to Kalju usual campaign on the social medias creating expectation and interest, Levadia have introduced their new jersey almost without even realizing it.

After resorting to a black away jersey from last season during the indoor tournament, the club from Maarjamäe has unveiled their new home outfit in Riga yesterday during a victorious friendly game against Lithuanian side FK Ekranas (1-0 with a goal from Ingemar Teever).

        New jersey on new signing, Egyptian Omar El-Husseiny, first player ever in Estonia from the land of Pharaohs (

        New jersey on new signing, Egyptian Omar El-Husseiny, first player ever in Estonia from the land of Pharaohs (

The numbers are exactly the same as last year and names seem will not be introduced with the space assigned to one of Levadia’s sponsors, betting agency ‘TonyBet’

Unless the away jersey will not follow the same pattern, it shall be the same as last season as seen during the indoor tournament.