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Trans looking for 'FAMA' and Kalev the 'men in black': new jerseys

Angelo PalmeriComment
               'You see mate, it's the same jersey...' (

               'You see mate, it's the same jersey...' (

Last week we presented you earlier than the official debut, the new jerseys of Levadia and Kalju. Flora introduced their home jersey for the victorious Supercup final

However, as the matchday 1 has revealed us, also other clubs have changed their outfits for season 2014 and in some cases also sponsors.

First of all, let’s start from those who have not changed anything.

FC Infonet ‘travelled’ to Hiiu Stadium in the traditional white away jersey, the same as last season.

Considering they managed to get three technical points, now we could expect them wearing it for all the season.


Don't get alarmed, the red one is for the goalkeeper - click to enlarge (

Jokes apart, FC Infonet are still supplied by Joma (a Spanish brand) and their sponsor is, ca va sans dire, Infonet. The home shirt will be in the same fashion as you can see from their team picture available in our 2014 season preview.

The same goes for Sillamäe Kalev. In the 6-0 win at the Kalev Kunstmuru, Zahovaiko&Co. presented themselves in the same home white jersey as last year, supplied by Uhlsport and sponsored by Alexela, a chain of gas stations around Estonia.

Why would they dress the home white if playing away? Easier said. Contrary to the white we have got used to last season, Kalev Tallinn have switched their home jersey to black going back to 2011 when they celebrated their 100th year since first foundation.
The supplier is still Jako, a German company. 

When you go to a party, you usually change your dress and prefer something new. This is what Lokomotiv Jõhvi have opted for: a new colour (red) and new supplier (Adidas).
Their previous supplier (Uhlsport) was providing blue kits, the dominant colour in the club’s crest.
Where the red is coming from?

The Jõhvi town coat of arms has some red at the top. When ‘Loko’ was still named Jõhvi Orbiit, the crest of the club replicated the  coat of arms of the town. The red has been kept in the club’s official flag: a red cross in blue field behind the Lokomotiv’s crest. Sponsor hasn't changed as it's still Spacecom, a railway company belonging to Estonia's richest man, Oleg Ossinovsky.

How the red got there in three passages

How the red got there in three passages

Paide Linnameeskond visited and shocked Levadia (1-0 win at Sportland Arena) with a brand new jersey.

From Tubarik to Mägi, same Catalunya captaincy armband, a new taste of stripes - click to enlarge

Don’t misunderstand us. Paidelona are faithful to their white and red stripes, however in a different fashion. Regular ones and thinner have replaced the large lightning-like stripes. The round neck has disappeared to make place to a nice polo collar. This jersey it is indeed one of the most attractive in offer for fans and collectors.

The only clubs missing from the general picture are Tammeka and Trans who did not have their debut on the first of March.

For Tammeka things are uncertain (tell me something new...): the team picture has shown footballers in the same jersey as last season however, according to one of RdS sources, there should be new uniforms in the making.

At this point, we can only wait for Tammeka to visit Tallinn on Saturday when they will take on Infonet at Sportland Arena for their debut.

click to enlarge (

Narva Trans will receive Kalev and it is official they will do with a new jersey.

Still supplied by Nike, the new jersey it is made of a lighter red with a white sfumato in the bottom part under the sponsor.

Also the sponsor is brand new: Sportland has been stripped off to be replaced with FAMA (a shopping center in Narva).

Trans’ website presented the new jersey rather poetically: ‘we hope that the bright colors of the new jersey will successfully blend in with the same bright play of our players on the pitch’.

FAMA has also given the name to the stadium where Narva is usually playing (click to enlarge daylight picture at the bottom from Narva Trans Facebook page).

However, the 'night-effect' of the sponsored entrance is even more interesting. Discoclub or football pitch?