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Optibet Best XI - matchday 32

Angelo PalmeriComment

Our 'Best XI' competition gets going!

All the top players of the Premium Liiga are now sprinting to become the best players of season 2014.

The selection of the 'Best XI' from each matchday is now sponsored by Optibet, Sports & Casino .

Let's discover which was the 'Optibet Best XI' for matchday 31 as chosen by 'Rumori'
We will also take a look at the general standings*** (top5 for each role).

Goalkeepers - Śmisko wins and climbs on top!
The showdown at Kadriorg was also a chance for a Teleś-Śmiśko ultimate challenge. They both had penalty against, but neither of them was able to save. At the end of the day, Śmiśko gets the place as he committed no mistake during the 90 minutes and was just the victim of a clumsy incident with teammate Pikk on Kalju's equalizer (2-2). Different story for Teleś. Vitali was flawless for almost all the game, however, on Kruglov's header, he was completely off position when the ball landed on the Estonian international's head who, later on, admitted not to be that tall...

Defenders - half of Levadia
Toni Tipuric and Andreas Raudsepp earn a place. It should be said the latter is a midfielder, therefore he earn a point as such. However, following Podholjuzin being sent off, he occupied the right full-back position. He had a key-role in the game providing two perfect assists. He's always been Kristal's precious jolly, so he will be ours. Tipuric showed composure and was very confident during all the game. The other central defender is Karol Mets. In the national team, he will be employed as a defensive midfielder again, however in the game against Infonet he showed great focus in holding Flora's boat steady when Infonet was trying to come back. As a veteran defender, he did not mind to sweep the ball away when needed. Left full-back position for Henrik Ojamaa younger brother, Hindrek, who provided Tiirik with the assist for the essential goal in the 2-1 win against Kalev.

Midfielders - scoring power!
In our usual 4-2-3-1, the line behind the lone striker is made up by two braces (Kruglov and Logua) and the veteran's touch (Tiirik). The latter scored on of the most important goals in Tammeka history as granted the Tartu's club the mathematical assurance they cannot be relegated. It's a great achievement considering Tammeka struggled until November with play-offs last season. If we think about how their season started, it's a little miracle and Tiirik was a relevant part of it with his grit and goals. And he wanted to quit at start of season...
Kruglov was the MOTM at Kadriorg whereas Logua has finally found the inspiration missing. He needs to be consistent and that means he must deliver against Levadia in two weeks time.
The defensive pair in front of the defense is made by Mośnikov and the Levadia's engine, Antonov. Behind them, one spot for Tauts (Tammeka) and Gussev (Flora).

Strikers - Teever in the air
His header opened Levadia comeback and was symbol of his side flying above all difficulties: an early red card and the 0-1 handicap start.
Behind him we place Kabaev who has increased his tally to 32 goals and has still four games to get close to 40.

*** 1 point for a place in the XI and 0,5 points for a substitute place