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Paide Linnameeskond vs. Sillamäe Kalev

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FOCUS ON PAIDE (6/10, 22 pts)
Paide broke the streak of games without winning (5 losses and one draw) with a round win Tartu last weekend. Favoured by Tammeka being left one man light, Rooba's XI sailed towards the three points and started to dig a trench between them and drop zone: 7 points from Narva Trans are a safe distance to start building a quiet end of season. Being opposed to Sillamäe will probably represent a tough obstacle to overcome, however Paide will make the attempt. As revealed by 'Rumori', Rooba seems to have recalled Karl Tubarik, the Paide's captain last season who had officially retired during summer. He is in the list of players summoned to travel to Central Estonia (most of the players are based and train in Tallinn) among the others: Niinepuu, Veis, Palatu, Tubarik, Kovtunotvits, Sinilaid, Kõll, Uwa, Tomson, Paur, Rõivassepp, Indermitte, A.Vassiljev, Ustaal, Goldberg.

Andre Mägi is permanently unavailable due to his work duties. 
Palatu and Sinilaid are one card away from their first seasonal suspension as Kaldoja, who is not travelling with the squad.

Key-man: Ramus Tomson
He didn't score again against his former team, he might as well do now when his side needs most. Will try to exploit his speed at the expenses of Sillamäe's leaky defence.

FOCUS ON SILLAMAE (5/10, 34 pts)
With the European adventure gone, Sillamäe can return to focus on the domestic league. However, it looks like there quite little to focus gone. The title fight is too far to nurture the start-of-season ambition and now also the chance to get back on the podium at the expenses of one of Tallinn's clubs, seems also to fade away. FC Infonet have already overtaken the Eastern Estonia side, even if they would win in Paide, Sillamäe would still be 4 points far from Puśtov's side. The podium is 10-some points far. Losing points in Paide would me the definite 'amen' to any hope to return to Europe for the second season running (never happened in the history of the club). However, hot to cope with fatigue?
Sillamäe played in the Krasnodar sauna (45'C on Thursday night). Returned to Estonia on Friday and had barely time to rest on Saturday and Sunday. Another long trip from Sillamäe to Paide (148km by bus) and a game to be played in 30'C. All looks like if they will manage to leave Paide without losing, it will be a good achievement. 

No news about new injuries. What concerns is the list of cautioned men: Novikov, Volodin, Kvasov and Murikhin all one card away from suspension and Tjapkhin already queuing for his second.

Key-man: Daniil Ratnikov
He played only 20 minutes in Krasnodar so, if Sillamäe were to look for their best man to put stake on, certainly he would be the talented nr.10

Paide as appeared in Tartu last week (left) and Sillamäe XI fielded in Russia (Ratnikov replaced Silich on 70' -

Paide as appeared in Tartu last week (left) and Sillamäe XI fielded in Russia (Ratnikov replaced Silich on 70' -


With specular formations (4-2-3-1)  facing each other, each coach will try to overload the front line to put each defence in critical conditions. The game might be quite open with a lot of space for the full-backs which will be more able to restart the counterattacks. If Rooba opts for Tubarik as a starter, it will be quite interesting to see how the two veterans (Palatu is the other) will cope with the dynamism of Sillamäe front line. On the other hand the trio Rõivassepp-Goldberg-Tomson might embarass Cheminava&Co. in the same fashion as FC Krasnodar did. Definitely not a game for a goalless draw.

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Paide’s wins: 1
Draws: 0
Sillamäe's wins: 5
Goals scored by Paide: 4
Goals scored by Sillamäe: 16

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Paide's rows: Rasmus Tomson (MF) 39 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Sillamäe's rows: 
Dmitri Mashitsev (LM) 47 goals*
*NB: Vjatseslav Zahovaiko (CF) is Sillamae's leading scorer with 175 goals, but misses out due to injury

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1    8.01
X   5.24
2    1.31

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BETTING TIP (by Angelo Palmeri)

If the 1 or X at final time would look like an excessive hazard for you (although the payouts are quite interesing at 8.01 and 5.24), then we would definitely point our finger at the total amount of goals scored. Over 3,5 could be the right choice.

Tip: Over 3,5 
Odds: 1.95

(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

The game was entrusted to Andrei Karhu and it will be his 6th game in Premium Liiga since he earned a promotion to the top-flight refereeing. His red cards score is still immaculate, instead he has shown 18 yellow cards (3.5 per game)

Kick-off is tonight at 19:00 EEST, 18:00 CEST.

The game from Paide city stadium will not be streamed.