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Quintieri to a new experience elsewhere would be fascinating

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Damiano in action against FC Infonet (Keiko Masuda)

Damiano in action against FC Infonet (Keiko Masuda)

Gianluca Di Marzio is a Sky Calcio Italia journalist and expert of transfer market. Son to Gianni Di Marzio, a former football player, coach and nowadays a talent scout, he deals with football topics on his

Today an interview with Damiano Quintieri (signed by Luca Gandini) appeared on the pages of the website.

Damiano described his experience so far in Estonia, how the acclimatization was and what are the future plans (his contract expires on the 31st of December).

Estonians are a bit like the climate: cold. I am used to the warmth of Calabria people therefore it was not easy. However, contrary to Italy, here football is lived through more quietly’

Damiano in 'tifoso' version during his lenghty injured that tackled his preparation and debut back in Spring (Gertrud Alatare)

Damiano in 'tifoso' version during his lenghty injured that tackled his preparation and debut back in Spring (Gertrud Alatare)

He can well claim so since the average attendance of a top-flight football game barely reaches 300 people.
Crowds in Italian 5th tier can be 10 times bigger.

However, Damiano doesn’t regret a thing, as he already suggested to Rumori back in April (read our full interview here): ‘I would suggest this experience (to any young footballer –edit) as it helped shaping me as a man and a footballer. I have faced different habits and I have made it mines.’ As the long season preparation time (December-February) he stressed in our interview: ‘the season preparation, compared to Italy, it is too long.’

What are the future plans? ‘The club received offers from Russia and Romania, however nothing was finalized. Certainly, a new experience in a new country would be fascinating and stimulating. However, a proposal from Italy would get me closer to my family. My contract ends in December and we are renegotiating the renewal, however I cannot deny that I would like to embrace a new experience.

The Estonian top-flight season ends on the 8th of November when Nõmme Kalju will travel to Tartu to face Tammeka.

Cut off from the title-race after losing the derby to Levadia, Kalju are two points clear of Sillamäe, challenging the Tallinn’s club for the podium. Losing the European spot might be an additional motivation to leave the club even though Kalju could still qualify via the cup route (to be completed in May 2015).