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Will Sergei Zenjov find a new coach upon returning to Blackpool?

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Last update on the 8th of September at 13:07 EEST

LATEST: José Riga has resumed trainings with Blackpool FC, as reported by the same Blackpool Gazette this morning. However, keeps speculating the local media, the uncertainty over his future remains. The news he might leave broke onto the BBC leaving the coach's agent almost speechless as confessed in the below tweet

Jose Riga when he was at Charlton

Jose Riga when he was at Charlton

After a positive performance against Sweden (check ‘Rumori’s rating of his performance here) Sergei Zenjov is quite likely to earn a starter also against Slovenia on Monday when Estonia will debut at home in the Euro 2016 qualifiers.

Whether his positive international display will comfort the local fans, apparently disappointed by Zenjov’s first Championship’s games, or not, the situation at the club might turn again into dramatic. If it weren't already.

Back in July and August, the Tangerines were lagging behind when came to signing players. Upon joining Bloomfield Road, Sergei was the eight (!) player of the squad. Soon after, the club’s owner (Karl Oyston) made a bunch of signings providing gaffer Jose Riga with a proper XI for the season’s debut at Forest. One of them played also at the World Cup, Jose Cubero (Costarica). However, due to problems with his work permit, he hasn’t been yet available for any of the games (5 Championship and 1 FA Cup). On the resume, Cubero shall be ready for use, as the club seems to have finally solved the bureaucratic issue.

As the deadline day approached, there was no sign of new signings as expected by the Belgian coach. A situation that wore his and the fans’ patience thin.

Now the situation seems to have reached a critical point.
According to the Blackpool Gazette, Riga’s future at the club is uncertain.

Away on a family trip to Belgium, reports the local newspaper, Riga had not been speaking to Oyston.

The squad will resume trainings on Monday (when Zenjov will be busy with taking on Slovenia). Whether with Riga or not is something the Gazette has been speculating about. If Riga will leave, says the local paper, the replacement should be Scottish coach Owen Coyle (former manager at Burnley and Wigan).

However, Riga appeared at the club’s headquarters during the early evening when he was spot by ‘Live in Blackpool’ (exclusive picture – use granted to ‘Rumori’ only) outside of the premises.

The next couple of days shall bring more clarity on the future of the coach.