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Matchday 1: roundup, comment and RdS Best XI

Angelo PalmeriComment

It was an enthusing Matchday 1 in Premium Liiga as everything was far from boring.

If we exclude the 6-0 win of Sillamäe over Kalev (a much expected full time score considering the gap) all the games were quite tight.

It was tight in Hiiu, where Kalju's return was successful after almost two years of absence (full match report here). Neemelo's header was enough to cheer the crowd packing the only stand of the Nõmme stadium.
Prins has managed to put the pieces of the new squad together and the midfield pack looks even more promising than in the past. Infonet have lost playing as a great team though. Despite the choice of playing more prudently than usual, Puśtov can be proud of his XI's performance. Obviously things will get better when the suspended Kalimullin and Valov will be back. However, Nahk's performance rose more than highbrow. It was Reginald just being too good for him or is the veteran on downward spiral of form? Next game against Tammeka will tell.

Tammeka  vs. Trans postponed to spring. Tammeka and Trans will debut on 8th of March

Tammeka  vs. Trans postponed to spring. Tammeka and Trans will debut on 8th of March

Paide shocked everyone when Atie' Said, Swedish citized of Arabic ascent, put it incredibly past Śmisko for a 1-0 lead into injury time. Marko Kristal is perfectly right: to win games, you need to score goals (full match report here). Levadia have shown supremacy both with Flora and Paide, but they are still unable to transform that into goals. This time Kristal tried also the Lithuanian Buinickij, however the debutant in Premium Liiga did not offer any wit. Reverting to Ivanov did not help much. Teever is more and more looking like the Estonian answer to Fernando Torres: many chances squandered.

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In the end a desperate Kristal recognizes that he misses Rimo Hunt effectiveness.
A schocking start of season for Levadia: 2 losses in 2 games and zero goals suffered.
The late-minute-goal karma completely upset. If Levadia won many of their 91 points in the last 10 minutes, now they have conceded two goals worth a Supercup and three points.

Last season  they had already scored 6 goals and sufferend only one (in 2013 opening game against Tammeka).
Of those six goals, however, Hunt scored only two whereas Rättel scored three. Why Rättel is not being started? 

Next matchday, Levadia are expected to what seems like an exam against Sillamäe. Anything else than a victory would put Levadia in a difficult situation.

Losing to Paide allowed Levadia's biggest rivals ever, Flora, to go ahead as they went past Lokomotiv Jõhvi 3-1. It was not an easy game as the score might suggest, as Loko had their chances and they managed to pull on down when Flora was two nil up. The penalty assigned following Gussev being fouled in the box closed the game in Eastern Estonia.

Kalev's difficult situation will not get any better if Rüütli will leave for Kazakhstan.

This is RdS Best XI for matchday 1 according to the RdS staff

(XI plus 5 players on the bench)