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Sillamäe fans taken away by police during game against Tammeka

Angelo PalmeriComment

Information on the spot collected by Deni Delev reporting about this game.

Sillamäe fans tonight in Tartu (photo: Deni Delev)

Sillamäe fans tonight in Tartu (photo: Deni Delev)

During Tammeka-Sillamäe game (1-4, match report by Deni Delev here), a couple of Sillamäe fans were taken away by the police patrol who was called to intervene at Tamme Stadium.

According to the version provided by Officer Kerly Peitel, press representative for the Southern Prefecture, the fans had disturbed the order at the stadium being visibly altered by alcohol and bothering other spectators.

At time of talking (around 20:40) Police detained the two individuals for talks at their premises.

Deni Delev, our reporter following the games inquired further at Tammeka club to understand what exactly happened: 'apparently it wasn't anything serious' reported Deni 'a security guy told Sillamäe fans they were staying in the wrong sector of the stadium and invited them to move. At this point, 2-3 of them overreacted and refused to change place. The securiy called the police who came with 3 cars!'