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Sillamäe vs. Flora match preview

Deni DelevComment

Another clash between the rivals from last week but this time with changed roles. Sillamäe as a host and Flora as a visitor. Even though everyone expected Flora to cruise to the win on their field last week, Kalev players proved their worth and once again showed why they should be taken seriously this season. Can they make the next step and take all the points from this clash or will FC Flora step their game up and continue their title run?


Focus on SILLAMÄE KALEV ( 4/10 18pt, +10)

Last week everyone spoke about the problems of Sillamäe Kalev and how the atmosphere is burning within the club management, but that didn’t seem to concern the players too much. They showed brave and aggressive game and didn’t let the hosts establish their game thus getting away from the capital with a point in hand. This week the views are different. Coach Dobiza in his first game in charge in front of the home crowd will have the whole team available (we already said that the season is over for Zahovaiko) so it is expected to see Lavrentjev on the goal, Baguzis should be back in the central defensive line together with Dudarev, Maehara and Volodin on the full-back positions. In central midfield there shouldn’t be any surprises and Tjapkin and Paponov should cover their positions, Ratnikov and Kabaev will occupate the flanks and Masitsev should be the one playing behind the central forward and top scorer of the club, Jaroslav Kvasov.


Dobiza won’t experiment as this is the formation proved its worth in Tallinn. Tjapkin and Paponov are strong enough to contain the opposition’s attacks and pass the ball to the always dangerous Kabaev and Ratnikov on the flanks. We are all aware of the striker’s instincts of Kvasov by now.

Key-man: Maksim Paponov

The central midfielder proved more than once that he can be the key player for his team. His presence in the heart of the field is extremelly important for Sillamäe and his corners and free kicks always bring danger in front of the opposition’s goal.

Injuries and suspensions

The main striker Vjatseslav Zahovaiko is out for the season with cruciate ligament, the defender Cheminava still has problems with his contract and he is expected to join the team in June, while Sidorenkov left the club after his contract was terminated. On the other hand, Tjapkin and Ratnikov should be cautious as they both have 3 yellow cards and are on the brink of suspension.

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Focus on FC FLORA (3/10, 18pt, +13)


After the first 9 rounds the players of FC Flora didn’t manage to win any of the derby games against Levadia, Kalju and Sillamäe (to be fair, they also didn’t lose any) so it raises the question how good they are. They did show that they can play some nice football, especially against Kalju and Levadia but in order to win titles they should be able to win these matches. The last game against Sillamäe at home exposed some of their key weaknesses, mainly the ones in midfield and the connection with the offensive players. For this game it could be expected to see the only change in the squad exactly there. Between the sticks there would be no reason to change Toom who had another excellent game, Rähn and Mets should be in central defense, Baranov and Jürgenson on the full-back positions. Luigend is expected to keep his position while Lepistu, who had few chances squandered in the previous match could be benched for the likes of Frolov. Logua didn’t impress much on the left flank position, but it is unlikely to see him on the bench as Gussev is more of an impact player starting off as a sub. Beglarishvili, Alliku and Prosa should keep their standard positions.


Coach Norbert Hurt prefers this formation because he manages to get the most of his offensive players thus allowing only 8 goals in their own net. In the previous match this didn’t function mainly because of the more offensive characteristics of Lepistu who tried to go forward as much as possible interfering Beglarashvili’s creativity and space. That is why it is expected Frolov to make his come back for this match and it would bring more stability in the midfield and, of course, more danger in the attack.

Key-man: Taavi Rähn

Flora’s big man already has two goals to his name and his presence in the opposition’s box is always a threat. In this game we should see him more often taking on Sillamäe’s defense and cause trouble whenever possible.


Besides Õunap and Aloe, coach Hurt has all the players available for this match.

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Both coaches prefer the 4-2-3-1 formation and that means they are both willing to take over control in the midfield. The team that will manage to do that will definitely have the advantage. In that situation it is more likely for Flora to push a little bit higher upfield as favourites in this match and if they manage to create enough chances, Prosa & co. will do everything in their power to convert them. On the other side, Dobiza might opt for the same tactics from the previous match, that being long balls and attempts to attack on the counter. In the likes of Kabaev, Ratnikov and Masitsev he has enough power to take advantage of all the possibilities they can get so this is where should be paid more attention.


Clashes in Premium Liiga: 26
Sillamäe’s wins: 1 
Flora's wins: 20
Draws: 5
Goals scored by Flora: 75

Goals scored by Sillamäe: 22
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Sillamäe’s rows: Vjatseslav Zahovaiko (CF) 175 goals - with the captain sidelined by an injury, the next in line is Nikolai Maśitsev (LM), 46 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Flora's rows: Albert Prosa (CF) 72 goals


X   3.40
2    2.40

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

Top game, top referee: Hannes Kaasik.

It will be the 7th time the Estonian international referee will direct this clash with a positive balance for Flora: 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.
Most of the times (4) he has directed the clash in Eastern Estonia.

This is the detailed record:

07.06.2008 Sillamäe – Flora 0-3
3 yellow cards (2 Sillamäe, 1 Flora)

11.04.2009 Sillamäe – Flora 3-2
3 yellow cards (2 Sillamäe, 1 Flora)

01.08.2009 Sillamäe – Flora 1-3
8 yellow cards (8 Sillamäe), and Naumov (SIL) sent off for second yellow

11.09.2010 Flora – Sillamäe  3-0  
3 yellow cards (3 Sillamäe)

22.03.2011 Flora – Sillamäe 2-2
3 yellow cards (3 Sillamäe), and Pavel Aleksejev (SIL) sent off for second yellow

27.09.2011 Sillamäe – Flora 0-6  
3 yellow cards (2 Sillamäe, 1 Flora), and Alexander Nikulin (SIL) sent off 

Total: 20 yellow cards addressed at Sillamäe and a mere 3 at Flora.

In his career (237 games in Premium Liiga) he had to pull out the yellow card from his pocket 696 times (2.93), he sent off for a second booking 27 times and he showed a straight card to 24 players.

He will be supported by a full squad of touchline assistants (Hannes Reinvald and Maikel Mikson) and box assistants (Jüri Frischer, Veiko Mõtsnik). The fourth official will be Raul Kaivoja.


Kick-off at Sillamäe Kalev stadium at 19:00 EEST tomorrow, Saturday 3rd of May.
The game will be streamed by Postimees, link available here just before the game start.

Entrance 2€. If you carry a Sillamäe Kalev scarf, you pay half a price.
Up to 16 years old of age, entrance is for free.
Senior citizens (from 60-year-old) also get in without paying.
No Facebook event available.