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FC Sillamäe Kalev vs Tallinna Kalev match preview

Deni DelevComment

Forecasts for nice weather and even better football for the weekend come from the eastern part of the country. The red hot team of Sillamäe is hosting the ice cold team of Tallinna Kalev. The former in a 6-games winning streak and the latter in a 9-games losing one. Is it going to be a very one-sided match as the situation on the table suggests or will Kalev manage to put up a fight?

Focus on Sillamäe Kalev (4/10, 52 pts)

As mentioned above, the team of Sillamäe Kalev is currently on a hot run of 6 wins in a row and seems to be in a rush to break the top 3 teams in the league. Coach Frantsev has done a great job since his appointment and he will surely want to prove to everyone that the demolishing of the current champions with 0-3 on their own stadium wasn’t a coincidence. For the match against the complete outsiders Kalev he might rest some of his main players, but at the same time he can’t allow his footballers underestimate the opponent. Lavrentjev will probably stand between the sticks again, Dudarev and Baguzis should make sure no goals will be conceded, Sidorenkov and Volodin should be deployed on the full-back positions. Thapkin and Ratnikov will probably take on the central midfield positions, Murikhin and Mashichev the flanks and Silich will most probably play again behind Kabaev.

Key-man: Daniil Ratnikov

The miniature midfielder showed great composure against Levadia and his connection with the front line was almost with no mistake. If he manages to repeat the same game, Tallinna Kalev will have nothing to look for in this duel.

Injuries and suspensions

Besides Zahovaiko and Paponov, coach Frantsev has the full squad available for selection.

Focus on Tallinna Kalev (9/10, 12 pts)

What can be said about a team that is in a 9 game losing streak. Is there someone that can stop the ship from sinking? What can coach Zamogilnõi do to save his team from relegation. They got 2 red cards against Narva in the previous match and that makes things even worse for the team which last recorded points on the 21st of June. For the clash against Sillamäe, coach Zamogilnõi probably will field the following team. Savitski back on the goal, Heintare and Kahr in defense, Hellste and Gavrilov on the full-back positions. Armean is suspended so Whalen will most probably be paired with Anissimov. Naariste and Stüf will most probably take the flanks and Brolin behind Omanidze in attack.

Key-man: Egert Heintare

The 22-year old defender will have a massive responsibility to stop Sillamäe’s attack. Many physical battles and many tackles should be won if they are about to come back with a positive result.

Injuries and suspensions

Armean, Karpov and the goalkeeper Levizi are sidelined because of suspension. Omanidze is still with 3 yellow cards. Everyone else is available for selection.

Last week's starting XI for both teams (

Last week's starting XI for both teams (

Tactical keys

It is more than clear who the favourites in this match are. The quality, the motivation and everything seems to be on the side of Sillamäe. We can expect pressing game from the very first minute and if they manage to score early on it will be just a matter of how many goals the home team will score. Tallinna Kalev will probably try to close the flanks but as the danger comes from every side, it will be very difficult to stop them from scoring.

Sillamäe Kalev VS. Tallinn Kalev HEAD TO HEAD (last 6 matches via

Sillamäe’s wins: 4
Draws: 1
Kalev’s wins: 1

Goals scored by Sillamäe: 23
Goals scored by Kalev: 2

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Sillamäe's rows: Dmitri Mashichev (LM) 47 goals

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Kalev's rows: Lasha Omanidze (CF) 5 goals


ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1        1.03
X     12.00
2     23.50

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

Kristo Külljastinen takes charge of the match. It will be his 27th game in Premium Liiga and he is accounted for 3,92 cards per game (102 cards is the toal shown) and only 2 red cards for a second yellow. His straight red tally is still clean.

Info about the game

The game is played in Sillamäe on August 30. Kick-off at 16:00. Ticket costs 2 eur, discounted is 1 euro.

The game will also be streamed on ERR (link here)