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Sillamäe vs. FC Levadia match preview

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After the two “hit-and-run” games in which they scored 16 goals, the reigning champions are travelling to the east of the country to face a way more tough opponent in the likes of Sillamäe Kalev. Can Dobizha’s players stop the incredible attacking line of Levadia or will the goal show continue?

Focus on Sillamäe Kalev (4/10, 31pt.)


The team of Sillamäe is the only representative from eastern Estonia that dares to challenge the big teams from the capital. At the moment they are lying 6 points behind Flora and 4 points behind Kalju and Levadia, who are sharing the second position. Last week they had very interesting clash against Infonet in which they did pull out a draw which meant that they managed to halt Infonet’s hopes in reaching them, but at the same time it was a setback in their chase for the top 3 teams. For this match we won’t expect many changes from coach Dobizha, which means Starodubtsev on the goal, Volodin and Dudarev in defense, Maehara and Sidorenkov on the full back positions. Lazebniy and Aleksejev should go on their central midfield positions, Murikhin and Kabaev on the flanks and Mashichev might take the place of Ratnikov behind Kvasov.


No reason to change something that already functions. Sillamäe’s wingers together have scored 25 goals adding the 9 scored by Kvasov means that they don’t miss Zahovaiko at all. The question is if this offensive line will be as effective facing the best defense in the league.

Key-man: Oleksiy Lazebniy

The 21-year old Ukrainian midfielder will have huge task stopping Levadia’s attacks in the center of the park. If he manages to fulfill his tasks without any mistakes, half of the job for his team will be done.

Injuries and suspensions

Dobizha doesn’t have a very long bench, so every injury or suspension will definitely be felt on the field. So far they did well covering for Zahovaiko and Paponov. For this match Ratnikov is suspended while Volodin, Novikov and Kvasov are a yellow card away from suffering the same faith.
The new signing, Spanish midfielder Micha, might make his debut during the game as he's been registered.

Focus on Levadia (2/10, 35pt.)

Marko Kristal’s only problem is which players to pick for the starting XI. His team is doing so well, it seems that whoever plays will do a great job. After resting some of his main players due to minor injuries and fatigue, for the derby game he should be able to choose his strongest team. The new record holder Smisko on the goal, Artjunin and Podholjuzin in defense, unless the coach decides to give chance to the new signing Toni Tipuric, Pikk and Kulinits on the full-back positions. Antonov should be paired with Vukobratovic who is back after the suspension, Subbotin should stay on the left flank, Tamm on the right and Teever and Ivanov up front.


Kristal keeps playing his traditional formation and there is really no reason to change it. Goals are coming from every side of the pitch and all the lines function perfectly.

Key-man: Igor Subbotin

After the international break, the 23-year old plays on a whole new level. Sillamäe defenders will have extremely difficult job containing his runs down the flank.

Injuries and suspensions

Omar is still recovering from his injury and may be given another match rest so he will be fully prepared for the European games. Rättel is on the long term injury list and Jahhimovits suspended. Ivanov and Artjunin should be careful as the next yellow card for them will mean suspension.

Tactical keys

It is obvious that the main battle will be in the midfield. The hardest job will definitely be for Sillamäe’s midfielders considering the form of Levadia’s front line, however we shouldn’t forget that the offensive line is also the strongest part of the home team so the least we can do is expect goals in this match.

Sillamäe Kalev VS. Levadia Tallinn HEAD TO HEAD
(last 6 matches via

Sillamäe’s wins: 2
Draws: 2
Levadia’s wins: 2
Goals scored by Sillamäe: 7
Goals scored by Levadia: 5

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Sillamäe's rows: Vjatseslav Zahovaiko (CF) 175 goals – with the captain sidelined with injury, next top scorer is Dmitri Mashitsev (LM), 46 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Levadia's rows: Ingemar Teever (CF) 120 goals

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1    4.29
X   3.76

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

The game in Sillamae will be administered by Kristo Tohver, in his 235th appearance in the Premium Liiga. In his previous 234 games, he has shown 774 yellow cards, and 28 red cards for double bookings. He has shown 38 straight red cards.


Tohver has officiated this fixture once before, overseeing a 2-0 win for Levadia in 2010. The match saw Levadia awarded a penalty (Malov converting to give them a 1-0 lead) and 4 yellow cards (one for Levadia and three for Sillamae).

foto: Gertrud Alatare (Levadia FB)

foto: Gertrud Alatare (Levadia FB)


The game is played on June 21 at Sillamäe Kalev stadium. Kick-off at 16:00. The ticket costs 2 eur. Discounted is 1 euro. Kids under 16 and pensioners can watch the game free of charge. There will also be streaming few minutes before the game here.