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Igor Subbotin: I think I am not ready to play yet

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'Rumori di Spogliatoio' reached Igor Subbotin in Mlada Boleslav where he plays for local club which is in Synot Liga (Czech top-flight). Actually, where he plays little. He explained himself after noticing that he managed to collect only 6 minutes since he moved to Czech Republic.

It was an open chat about his new club, Levadia and the national team he missed to travel with to Switzerland.

Igor opened himself to Rumori and we hope to give soon news about his first full game or goal in Synot Liga in our 'Estonian Internationals Round Up' by our Deni Delev.

Upon approching Igor, he confessed that he likes to read 'RdS' from time to time. 'I like the match previews,' told Igor 'and the interviews to players I know.' In general he thinks Rumori is a good vehicle for Estonian football as it makes information available to other countries and help their knowledge. 

Igor was the unwilling protagonist of a kind of 'diplomatic incident' between Germany and Estonia, the Jahn Regensburg sport director and Aivar Pohlak, the Estonian FA president, unduly mentioned in an interview by local newspaper 'Blitz' later reported on Rumori. Later on we also helped clarifying the matter, as it was a misunderstanding between Mr.Keller and the journalist at Blitz, Mario Hahn, reporting words in a wrong way.

Igor confirmed the situation upon being asked: 'yes, there was indeed a misunderstanding there,' told Igor to Rumori before our long chat 'we have a good relation with Aivar.

What else he spoke? Just continue reading and you will discover his answers. Igor Subbotin is not only good at dribbling opponents...

Igor, first of all tell us how is your life in Mlada and what is the routine for you.

Life it's perfect. Town is great. It’s small and very beautiful. Every day I go to training, because, like in Estonia, if you don’t play (with first team –edit) you go to the second team after.

Indeed, as you collected only 6 minutes in Synot Liga.
How it was the impact during that short period of game?

Really, I didn't get into the game. Because it was so little time and we suffered a goal and the score was 2-2. So I can’t tell you now what I felt during those 6 minutes.

Igor Subbotin in his FC Levadia outfit he wore until November 2014 (

Igor Subbotin in his FC Levadia outfit he wore until November 2014 (

I can feel a bit of disappointment in your words. Why, in your opinion, the coach (Karel Jarolim –edit) has dropped you? Would you understand one or several reasons?

No, I am not disappointed. Of course football players want to play. But Synot Liga level is better than Estonian one, therefore I think I am not ready to play yet. I think this is the gaffer’s thought. At every training, I try to learn something new and implement it better and better. As at every squad, the winning line-up doesn’t change much. I think my time is coming and I will give my best when I get this chance.

Rauno Alliku got a call by Pehrsson and is in Switzerland right now.
You were in the initial long list, but then you were dropped.
He plays in Premium Liiga but you made a move abroad.
Magnus said he estimates playing time a lot, either in Estonia or abroad.
Did he speak to you upon reasons for dropping? Did he give you any advice about your experience?

I think Rauno is a good player so Magnus Pehhrson called him.
I am not disappointed for this either. Rauno is playing regularly, instead I don’t and I understand coach's opinion. I think when I play, he will call me too. He didn’t explain me any reason but I think it’s rather simple: if you play you go to national team, if you don’t you stay home.

It's a point. At the same time Joel Lindpere is travelling too after about 10 trainings, a long month of inactivity and 20 minutes against Viljandi. He's got obviously a lot of international experience. But wouldn't you be more fit than he is?

Of course, by now I am fitter than him. However, he has a lot of experience in games like this. And he is a very good player, sometimes you can play on experience too. He has played in USA and also here in Czech Republic so he is keen enough to play. I am 24 years old and I think I will play in national team.

Igor Subbotin's first experience with Czech football was against Sparta Praha in Summer 2014 Champions preliminaries. Sparta bagged 7 against 0 from Levadia. Igor's face tells it all (

Igor Subbotin's first experience with Czech football was against Sparta Praha in Summer 2014 Champions preliminaries. Sparta bagged 7 against 0 from Levadia. Igor's face tells it all (

Will you watch the game tonight and where?

Naturally, I think I will find a good streaming on the internet and watch it from home.

Going back to the club's life.
I can see there are several foreign players there: Slovakia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, France, Austria. Have you glued with any of them? Who is your favourite teammate? And actually, do you share accomodation with anyone there?

I actually live by myself. Yes, there are a lot of foreign players here and they are all good guys, and I speak with all of them.

You said you train with the double team when you don't play the game with first team. How is their level comparable to an Estonian Premium Liiga club you've played against?

I think they are like Paide maybe, but they are good because they have young boys.

Who is the strongest player in first team, the one you would suggest to a club to sign?

All players are good. But I think the best are (Lukas) Magera (striker and captain -edit), (Jasmin) Sčuk (Bosnian defensive midfielder -edit) and (Kamil) Vaček (trequartista, he was at Sparta but moved to Mlada - he played in the Summer preliminary against Levadia -edit). 
Because they are very experienced guys.

Subbotin works hard to get what he looks for (Sport Delfi)

Subbotin works hard to get what he looks for (Sport Delfi)

Looking back at Levadia. They haven't started season well, however they have one point more than your Levadia last season. Why you think Levadia's start of season have been so difficult in past two years? Scoring goals seems always a problem...

They have a new team now so I think when they play together more they will glue better. Regarding goals, they have Kaimar Saag who knows how to score and will certainly do it in next games. Teever is good too. I think Marko Kristal can do this, he can turn this team again into the Estonian Champions, he is a very good coach.

What was you relation with him like? In 2013 he started you then put you to bench. But last season it seems you managed to win his trust. What was your secret in doing that?

I was just working all the time. He knows it, if he sees that a player is working, he will put him in the line-up. All you need is work and all the rest will follow.

Actually, now that I think, your first experience with Czech football was last Summer against Sparta Praha. A night in Prague better to forget...the year before Kalju lost 6-2 to Viktoria Plzen and let other 4 at home. Why, in your opinion, the Czech Champions are way better than the Estonian Champions? Is it a tactical thing or it's just the different level of the two leagues?

The Prague whitewash

Yes Sparta Prague and Viktoria Plzen are definitely better teams than ours, they are very experienced. The difference lies in more financial means at the Czech clubs compared to Estonian ones, better budgets generate better conditions. Therefore better coaches, better trainings, a bit of everything, it's hard to single out just one reason. But definitely better than in Estonia I have to say.

At job interviews usually they ask you such question: where do you see yourself in five years? I make you the same: where Igor Subbotin will be in five years, what will he have achieved?

I think I will still play abroad. So I’m trying not to come back to Estonia but we will see! (smiles –edit)

A fun question. Aivar Pohlak said you're like Cristiano Ronaldo. How was your reaction when you heard that?

Igor Subbotin new boss, Karel Jarolim (

Igor Subbotin new boss, Karel Jarolim (

It was funny. To be Cristiano Ronaldo I think it's impossible because he is a natural talent.

Who was your model when you started playing?

Well, funnily enough, it was Cristiano Ronaldo! Probably also because my favourite team is Manchester United. He was around there during that time when I thought that I want to become a good football player. I liked how he dribbled and played. So, Aivar actually guessed it! (smiles -edit)

Thank you for your time Igor and all the best in Mlada!