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Supercup 2014: latest news

Angelo PalmeriComment

Flora: Irakli Logua will be in the squad's list. The Russian striker has collected only one appearance since he joined Flora (against FC Lahti). Nikita Baranov might miss the game following the injury against Lahti last week. His place shall be taken by Markus Jürgenson with Kevin Aloe fielded as left full-back.

Flora will play with the new jersey from Nike, model Nike Striker III (click to enlarge, courtesy of FC Flora Facebook page). The main newness about it is that the stripes have disappeared as there is only one white stripe in front and one armband on the left sleeve.
The star (assigned for every 5 titles won, Flora have won 9) reappears above the traditional Flora crest.


The Superkarikas official match program - click to enlarge (Nicolas Tamargo)

Levadia: It is confirmed by the club and also by this picture of the official match program, Dmitri Kruglov and Aleksandr Dmitrijev  are not taking part to the game. They were also not included in the official list of players published by the Estonian FA. 
Artur Pikk should take Kruglov's place in the left flank, Andreas Raudsepp Dmitrijev's
Ingemar Teever and Vladislav Ivanov are fighting for one place.
Considering that Flora will play in the new green jersey, Levadia are likely to dress in black (click to enlarge picture)

Full preview of the game here 
New jerseys from Levadia and Kalju here