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EXCLUSIVE: The Super Club is born!

Angelo PalmeriComment

It was a feverish working day. There were football clubs' officials coming and going from the FC Flora offices, the Levadia’s Maarjamäe complex and the Kalju’s offices in Hiiu Stadium.

Golden Trio. Once divided, they will be soon all together under the same club (internet)

Golden Trio. Once divided, they will be soon all together under the same club (internet)

However, now it is official and Rumori is glad to unveil the rumours that had been going around in the past days, taking advantage of the club football break: the Superclub is born!

The new entity will enter the Premium Liiga season 2016 from the main door. How can it be possible?
Aivar Pohlak, FC Flora and Estonian FA president explained. ‘Since I was appointed,’ explained the Estonian football founding father ‘I had the aim to reunite the football family. I think this is the best option for everyone.

The ‘Superclub’ will be named ‘Tallinna SK’ where SK stands for…Super Klubi.

There was a lot of talk in the press since Sergei Pareiko declared that he would come back to Estonia only if there was a superclub. The Estonian goalkeeper is satisfied. ‘Levadia was a temporary solution, I already knew,’ revealed the oldest Estonian international to wear the blue jersey in an official game ‘Viktor Levada convinced me to sign explaining me that they were working together with Aivar and Kalju’s owner Kuno Tehva to this ‘superclub’.

Tallinna SK will unite three clubs under the same flag and colours. FC Flora, FC Levadia and Nõmme Kalju will merge into Tallinna SK. Indrek Petersoo, Levadia’s press officer, explained the agreement. ‘We agreed that the new club will get a Premium Liiga spot,’ revealed the club official ‘however, the sporting titles of each club will not be transferred.’ In few words, the titles achieved by Flora, Levadia and Kalju will not be summed up. ‘It will be a new start,’ said Kuno Tehva, Nõmme Kalju’s owner and president ‘and we’re glad to be part of it!’.

Technically the squad will be formed with 1/3 of each squad. Only the best thirds for most appearances in the XI’s during this season at their respective clubs will be picked. In case of ties, goals and assist will matter.

We decided not to change anything during the current season,’ explained Pohlak ‘it marks Flora’s 25th birthday and we wish to end our history with a celebrative title.

What about the remaining players? Tehva explains. ‘I wish we could keep them all, but we have to be realistic: a squad with over 60 players is not feasible!’ Kalju’s president explained that the remaining players will be free to allocate themselves in the remaining clubs.

The top-flight will be still made by 10 clubs, meaning that there will not be relegations at the end of this year and two more clubs will be added from Esiliiga (the second flight).

Tallinna SK is a great opportunity for Estonian football,’ admitted Petersoo ‘we have more chances to reach the European competitions group stages in 2016!

The base agreement is done. A memorandum was signed and talks will follow regarding several points:

- colours
- club's coat of arms
- academies
- facilities (including the home stadium issue)
- double team
- coaching staff

How will the fans of Flora, Kalju and Levadia cope with the change?