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'Let's stop it!' Action against use of Tamme pitch for other events

Angelo PalmeriComment

It happened again.

As last season when the Tamme Stadium pitch was lent for the dance festival, the company owning and maintaining the green grass at Tartu’s only football stadium, 'Tartu Sport', has decided to allow a gymnastics event on its premises, football pitch included.

This is the result after the event took place (pictures and video from Tauno Trink, board member at FC Tartu and initiator of the action against the misuse of Tamme Stadium)

This pitch will host a Tammeka game in the 2014-15 Estonian Cup tomorrow night, 5th of June. Not to mention it will be the ground where Santos will debut in the Europa League.

The Tartu fans decided to take action against this and have opened an online petition that has already collected about 100 signatures.

You can give yours here (you can cast your signature if you have an Estonian electronic ID-Card or by using your e-mail address).

Tauno Trink is among the initiators of this petition: ''
I know quite well all the football pitches situation in here and the conditions are still awful!’’ told Tauno to RdS ‘’We all know that here are very few football grounds where football teams can play and train. Last year there was same action (dancing gymnastics) at the Tamme stadium and after this dancing event the football field was a real mess several months after the dancing gymnastics’’. The same conditions that compelled Tammeka to play games in Elva and Valga, pushing Uwe Erkenbrecher to call 'Tartu Sport' 'amateurs' (check video below)

‘’I really hoped that city officials and SA Tartu Sport people have taken the lessons but they don’t!’’ confesses Tauno ‘’I really hope from the bottom of the heart that they are familiar that Tartu FC Santos needs to play at the city head stadium European League qualification games in a month. They have said that the ground will be reconstructed soon but it takes at least few months if new grass slices will be adopted by the remaining field grass!’’

FC Santos qualified for the Europa League first qualifying round where they are in the unseeded pot for the 23rd of June draw.
If the situation will not improve, the white-red striped might be compelled to move their home game to Tallinn to meet UEFA category criteria.

''We are trying to get at least one thousands signatures and then we will forward this petition to city offials to show that football in Tartu is popular and there are still people who cares about city main stadium grass quality! I really hope that this petition will contribute not to organize this dance gymnastics at Tamme stadium in 2015 for the third time running!''

'Rumori' backs up the petition and invites all readers to sign it.
Let's do it!