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Premium Liiga 2015 guide: Tartu Jalgpallikool Tammeka

Deni DelevComment

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Story and facts in brief

Founded 25 years ago, Tammeka was born as a youth team and they were protagonists of the homonymous Tammeka Cup in 90’s. Soon after, Tammeka started to play in the Estonian league system. In 2004 they were promoted to Meistriliiga.  The tip of Tammeka in Meistriliiga/Premium Liiga, was touched when the club reached the 5th place in 2007. In that season, 2007-08, they also reached the cup final losing 3-1 to FC Flora. A year before, the club had merged with Maag Tartu taking on the name of Maag Tammeka Tartu (Maag was the sponsor of the other club, a milk factory). Before the start of last season, Tammeka went through trouble times that we extensively covered here.

Transfers (full stories here)

(foto: Tammeka FB)

(foto: Tammeka FB)

Kristjan Moks (EST - FW, on loan from Võru JK)

Rauno Tutk (EST - CB, Pärnu Linnameeskond)
Mario Tikerberi (EST - FW, free agent)
Simo Tenno (EST - RB, free agent)
Mikk Valtna (EST - FW, Welco Elekter)
Hindrek Ojamaa (EST - RB, FC Levadia)
Andrus Lukjanov (EST - GK, Paide Linnameeskond)
Marek Naal (EST - FW, free agent)

Coach: Indrek Koser (confirmed)

Registered players on Premium Liiga website

Double Team

Realistic targets for 2015

If 2014 was a year full of suspension and drama for the team from Tartu, this year should be a bit more relaxed and it should definitely show how far they have gone with the development. 12 players from the current roster are under 20 years old and they have a huge task representing the second biggest city of the country and performing in front of some of the best fans around. Having already played a whole season in  Premium Liiga last season, it could be said that they are maybe one step ahead of the newcomers, Viljandi and Pärnu, and as the sources from the club say, their aim would be 6th place, which is certainly achievable. Coach Indrek Koser has a good insight of both the first team and the youth teams at his disposal so he will surely look into reinforcements should the need arise. Few of the regular first team players left the team and Moks from Võru was brought on loan to fill up the gap up front.

As expected, the main load will be given to the most experienced ones, the club legend Tiirik, Martin Hurt and Kiidron, as well as the captains Jürgen Lorenz and Tauno Tekko.

Rising stars

foto: Tammeka FB

foto: Tammeka FB

One player that should definitely catch the eye of the scouts is Kevin Rääbis. The 21-years old forward played 18 games for the first team last season scoring one goal against Paide. The player himself optimistically said that he wants at least goals in double figures. Coach Koser this season will certainly consider him more often and maybe his wish for scoring will come true.

Always there for their team, Tammeka fans (foto: Tammeka FB)

Always there for their team, Tammeka fans (foto: Tammeka FB)

Added value

It is well known that Premium Liiga is famous for the low attendance and in a certain way that contributes to unemotional displays and little attractiveness in the matches. One of Tammeka’s main weapons are certainly their fans. With a total of 5757 visitors during their home matches, they occupied the third position last season. Even though their favourite team didn’t play as they expected or hoped for, the loyal fans were always there to support them. One year later we can only expect that number to rise and give Tammeka an extra push in their effort to achieve their aims.

by Deni Delev