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Tammeka vs. Nõmme Kalju match preview

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Focus on TAMMEKA
(9/10, 4pt)

Painful return trip to Tartu for the white-blues on Monday night as they bagged 6 goals in Kadriorg from the tableleader Nõmme Kalju.

Almost 'mission impossible' for Koser's XI to resist to the fire: when the pressure increased, the goals started to pour almost one after the other. However, it took twenty-six minutes and a set-piece for Kalju to score, an encouraging sign considering the many early leads conceded this season by Tammeka (4 times in 7 games). Koser is right in claiming that it will take time for Tammeka to find the right form as the squad preparation started very late due to the notorius club's vicissitudes. It's very likely that the summer break (end of June-start of July) will help the squad catching up form.

Meanwhile it will be important to reach the break as healthy as possible  since injuries seem to blight Tammeka week in week out.

Jürgen Lorenz exited the pitch battered as on 4-0 for Kalju, Koser preferred to spare him a pointless final quarter.
The young defender and captain of Tammeka had apparently what seemed just a minor knock to his ankle joint. Notwithstanding his optimism when talking to Tammeka website, ''a bit of tape and back on the pitch'' said the 20-year-old centre-back, the scenario is much worse.
Not only he will not be fielded against Kalju but he is likely to miss until the end of May as the injury revealed more serious than it seemed. After a medical check-up, a calcaneus micro-fracture has been found and the Tammeka nr.13 will have to take a stop in order to let the bone fragment to grow together with the rest of the heel bone. A huge setback for Koser.

Extreme conditions also for Kevin Anderson who underwent a surgical operation and displayed a mask at Kadriorg.

With Paju suspended, Indrek Koser might opt for fielding Tiirik in the midfield alongside Tekko in front of the defense returning to the 4-2-3-1 after an experimental 4-1-4-1 that did not bring any relevant output. With Rääbis, Laabus and Tauts forming the line behind the lonely striker, he might opt to give a start in this position to veteran Mikk Valtna in order to give more troubles to Reintam and Bärengrub as Georgi Ivanov is still sidelined by an injury.

Key-man: Mikk Vältna
Once on the pitch, he represented a bigger threat for the best defence of the Premium Liiga. Scoring a goal would be a great feat, however he can make the difference just by keeping Reintam&Co. busy on transitions.

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Focus on NÕMME KALJU (1/10, 20pt)

The atmosphere at Nõmme Kalju is one of the greatest ever breathed.

The club is top of the table. The defence is proving to be rock solid.
Igor Prins seems to have found the right chemistry to insert the new signings (Reintam, Vunk, Prates, Mööl) in the old framework.
Even without a top goalscorer (however, Wakui has netted already 5 times as trequartista) the team is able to contribute to scoring in large numbers (10 men including Kirss and Jevdokimov from the bench).
Additionally, Damiano Quintieri will soon be available for Prins to have more choice up front, as confirmed by the Italian striker himself in a videomessage.
The cherry on top is the prize as 'Best April Coach' and 'Best April Player' acknowledged from Estonian FA/Premium Liiga to Igor Prins and Mikk Reintam, confirming the good work done by both and Kalju in general.
If the game against Kalev was a wake-up call for the XI not to underestimate minnows, the 6-0 against Tammeka at the debut in Kadriorg was the perfect answer to any criticism. 
''I have never seen such a strong Kalju'' told Ken Kallaste to RdS in the post-match press conference. The Estonian international praised the hard work done by another international, Martin Vunk. His contribution is becoming week after week key to building Kalju's successful season as much as it was when Kruglov later and Dmitrjev earlier, joined Levadia in 2013.

Net of the trip to Southern Estonia, the Prins band shall not suffer further in Tartu. However, they will have to take into account the home team pride in playing in front of their crowd, the best for average figures in 2013.

A moderate rotation might happen: Toomet for Mööl and Kirss for Neemelo. The young nr. 17 and U-21 international might earn a starter after his wonderful goal that was chosen as 'Best RdS Goal' for first quarter by Damiano Quintieri.

Key-man: Karl Mööl
Choosing a key-ma for Kalju, at this moment, it is very difficult as almost all the XI is showing to be effective and functional to the work of the entire team. The defensive couple is proving to be a wall; Kallaste is the left-flank locomotiv; Vunk is the keystone of the game; the line behind Neemelo can hurt any time. However, for this game, we would pick - if not rotated with Toomer - Karl Mööl. He could have scored against Tammeka last week, however a bad offside call prevented him from celebrating.
If he won't play, it might be another glorious evening for Wakui to increase his goal tally.

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The pattern will be the same as in Tallinn: Kalju will burn the grass on the flanks to create Tammeka a series of headaches especially with Kimbaloula's speed and skills. With Tammeka reduced operations on the wings, there was even glory for Tihhon Śiśov who offered an assist to Kirss last week. What shall Tammeka do? With Lorenz sidelined, probably even the 4-2-3-1 would seem too much brave in front of the Premium Liiga tableleader. Koser might order his XI to have a compact attitude resorting to 4-5-1 and tight lines to take room away from Kalju. Valtna will be the isolated buoy up front.


X    8.86
2     1.08

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

After Indrek Koser addressed Kristo Külljastinen direction on Monday saying clearly that some decisions affected the last home game against Paide (the same Külljastinen was the Kalju-Tammeka director), a 'new' referee will travel to Tartu for Tammeka's third home tie this season.

Ainar Kuusk will direct his 76th game tonight.

He has directed a Tammeka-Kalju clash only once, on the 15th of June 2010. A lucky circumstance as that accounts for the only draw between the two clubs, a statistical data that might make Tammeka fans' mouth watering at another chance to grab points from the Tallinn's club.
During that game he showed two yellow cards to Nõmme Kalju and one to the home team. 

His overall tally accounts 236 bookings (3.14), 10 red cards for double bookings and 6 players sent off.

In his job at Tamme Stadium he will be supported by Sten Klaasen and Neeme Neemlaid on the touchlines. Fourth official will be Maikel Mikson.


Clashes in Premium Liiga: 
Tammeka's wins: 1
Kalju's wins
Draws: 1
Goals scored by Tammeka: 17
Goals scored by Kalju: 68

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Kalju’s rows: Tarmo Neemelo (CF) 151 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Tammeka's rows: Kristian Tiirik (LMF) 49 goals


Kick-off tonight, Friday the 2nd of May, at 19:00 EEST in Tamme Stadium .

The game will also be streamed by ERR Sport (link available here few minutes before kick-off)

The entrance is 4€ with a 50% discount for University students and pensioners.
If you 
click 'Going' on Facebook, the entrance is a mere 1€.
U-14 kids in for free.

In the game break there will be a football challenge between university students as Tartu University will square up with Tartu Agriculture University.