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Tammeka Tartu vs FC Levadia match preview

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Upset in Tartu or new disappointment?

Tammeka fans don’t have many reasons to be happy this season but they still don’t lose hope and show up in numbers to support their favourite team. The same case should be also on Tuesday as the reigning champions Levadia are paying a visit to the second biggest city in the country. The hosts are still looking for their first win this season in front of the home fans, while the visitors still haven’t felt the taste of defeat away from their ground.

Which way will this game turn?


FOCUS ON TAMMEKA (7/10, 10pt)

The home team is probably in its finest form this season having suffered only one loss in the last 4 matches (1 win, 2 draws) and they certainly have hidden hopes of pulling out a miracle against the strong opposition from the capital.

Coach Koser has troubles with injuries and suspensions but it is not expected to make any changes to the team that faced Narva in the match played 10 days ago (match from the first round). That means that we will probably see
Kütt on the goal, Tekko and Anderson in central defense and Naggel and Vanaveski on the full-back positions. Paju and Miller should be deployed in midfield, Naal and Tauts on the flanks, while Laabus will probably play just behind Tiirik up front.


Just like most of the teams in the league, coach Koser likes to use this formation as he can get most of Paju and Miller who connect very well with the attacking midfielders who, on the other hand, create more chances for Tiirik.

Key-man: Karli Kütt

The young shot-stopper will have a huge responsibility in this game against the likes of Ivanov and Teever. If he manages to pull out a string of fine saves it will definitely be a motivation more for his teammates to push a bit higher and try to bring joy on the faces of their supporters.

Injuries and suspensions

As mentioned above, Tammeka staff has lot of trouble putting up their best XI since they have a hospital of their own“.
Martin Jõgi is the long term injured player, Jürgen Lorenz is expected back any time soon, Karel Kiidron is still struggling with his knee and  Geogi Ivanov is also injured. Mikk Valtna and Markus Jõgi are going to miss only this match (these are the first predictions, nothing official), while Karl Johan Pechter is expected to be sidelined for at least a month with his broken toe. Simo Tenno has 3 yellow cards and the next one will mean a match pause for him. For Tauno Tekko, one would be enough.

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FOCUS ON FC LEVADIA (3/10, 29 pt)

Marko Kristal’s side finally resembles the team that won the title last season. Marred by injuries and suspensions they refuse to give up the chase for the title and after the first round upset against Paide in Tallinn they have gone on a 13 game streak without a loss. That brought them to the third position on the table, only three points behind the leaders Kalju, who they managed to beat in the previous round.

For this match, it might be expected from Kristal to field the same starting XI who managed to win that derby game for him, which means Smisko between the sticks, Artjunin and Podholjuzin in central defense, Pikk on the left and Raudsepp on the right full-back position. Vukobratovic and Antonov should go back to their standard central midfield positions, Subbotin and Elhusseiny on the flanks and Teever and Ivanov as central forwards.


In the absence of Rättel who usually played behind Teever, Kristal opts for a more “out of the books” formation, which means that he will try to get the most from the flanks and use the in-form strikers to raise his team’s scoring tally. Goals are likely to come.

Key-man: Igor Subbotin

The lively winger is coming back from international duty maybe a bit tired, but definitely with experience to remember. He will certainly cause lots of troubles to Tammeka’s defenders and it won’t be a surprise if he also continues his fine scoring form of late.

Injuries and suspensions

Besides Rättel, coach Marko Kristal can count on all the players from his squad. Vukobratovic and Ivanov are the ones who should be more careful as they are one yellow card away from suspension.

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Line-ups and formations from Matchday 14

Line-ups and formations from Matchday 14

As we have a clash between 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1, we might expect Levadia players to give the hosts a bit more space to open up and then try to harm them through counter attacks. Subbotin and Elhussienny are definitely going to try to get most of the battles with the defenders of Tammeka and if they do, the three points will be within reach for the guests. However, the fine form of Tiirik also suggests that he shouldn't be given too much space, so Vukobratovic and Antonov will face the tough job of cutting out all the balls towards him.

Tammeka JK Tartu VS. FC Levadia HEAD TO HEAD
(last 6 matches via


Tammeka’s wins: 1
Draws: 0
Levadia’s wins: 5
Goals scored by Tammeka: 3
Goals scored by Levadia: 13

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Tammeka's rows: Kristian Tiirik (LMF) 53 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Levadia's rows: Ingemar Teever (CF) 118 goals

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1  21.00    
X 10.00

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

Tammeka coach, Indrek Koser, will probably not be very glad to see Kristo Külljastinen and his whistle returning to Tamme Stadium for a Tammeka match. This will be Külljastinen's 21st game in Premium Liiga. In the previous 20 games, he showed 79 yellow cards and no straight reds. One red card only for double booking. 

He will be assisted by Aron Härsing and Heigo Paglant on the touchlines, whereas Elar Tarkus will be the fourth official.


The match will be played at the Tamme staadion on the 10th of June.
Kick-off at 19:00. The game will be streamed on the official Premium Liiga website, link will be available here, just before kick-off.

Tickets for the match cost 4 eur. Students and pensioners can enter for 2 eur (by presenting valid proof). Facebook event attending people will pay only 1 eur while children under 14 and Tammeka youth players can watch the game free of charge.