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Tartu Tammeka vs. Lokomotiv Jõhvi match preview

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Over a month since the season started and finally Tammeka can go back home. Five games played and all away. Just one win collected (the 6-1 win against Kalev) and few good performances against Infonet, Levadia and Flora when they managed to limit the damages.

It was not the same in Sillamäe as, deprived of Kevin Anderson (CB) and with Jürgen Lorenz (CB) not in the best physical condition, they had to surrender 5-0 to the tableleader.

Tamme Stadium will re-open its doors to Tartuvians supporters to receive Lokomotiv Jõhvi. It’s a tasty chance to open the home season with a victory considering Loko have never grabbed a point since the start of the season.

Last game in 'Tamme' was on the 2nd of November when Tammeka lost 4-0 to Flora before the stadium's pitch was unusable for the final game (Nõmme Kalju) and the play-off return game against Rakvere Tarvas.

Key-man: Georgi Ivanov
He scored a great goal against Kalev and now he has another chance to hit the second poorest defence of the Premium Liiga. If not now, when?

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6 games. 6 losses. Loko are just two losses away from FC Kuressaare record of season 2013 (8 losses in a row until the bottom of the season).

Loko have managed to hold only Kalev and FC Infonet to a 0-0 draw in first half as in all the other games the final score had already taken the appearances of the loss in the first 45'.

A mere two goals scored and the second worst defence of the Premium Liiga make Loko the perfect victim for Tammeka’s home debut.

Nesterenko’s squad is in emergency as 6 men are injured (among those the Bazjukin brothers and the right full back Deniss Kulikov)  and Potapov is suspended.

A complicate situation that probably will address the game in favour of Tammeka.

Key-man: Maxime Mboungou
Emotional game for Maxime Mboungou playing against his former teammates for the first time and in the stadium that was his home until last season. ''I have 'blue blood' but now I breath red air'' said Maxime to Tammeka website. He will indeed put aside his emotions and offer the best performance he can in front of his former fans. He is a fighter and will be the last to give up, ask Daniil Ratnikov.



Tiirik-Laabus-Tauts-Ivanov. The front line will create many troubles to the rearguard protecting Smelkov.

Considering Loko’s inoffensive attitude, Tammeka's back line might enjoy a relaxation day well covered by Tekko and Paju.
Obviously Koser will have the same initial attentive attitude as shown against Kalev. Once Tammeka has assessed Loko's real capacities, they will probably start to create more and more dangers.
There is a chance for the home fans to enjoy the first domestic victory of the season with a fair goal tally.


X  3.65
2   4.37

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Pupart was in FC Kuressaare management in 2011 (

Pupart was in FC Kuressaare management in 2011 (

The referees squad

The game will be officiated by young referee, Miko Pupart (22 years old). 

In his 
31 games in Premium Liiga over the past three seasons, he has shown the yellow card 110 times (3,5 average per game) and 11 times the red one (a mere 0.3 average). 

Born in Kuressaare in 1991, he has already whistled 
3 games this season (10 yellow cards and no red ones).
It is the 
second time he will direct a Tammeka game. Last time it was in Kalev artificial pitch and Tammeka won 6-1. He has assigned a penalty in the same game in favour of Kalev.
It is the first time he will handle a Loko's game.

His assistants will be Maikel Mikson and Rando Kesküla.
4th official Elar Tarkus.

Progress in Premium Liiga so far Green W Grey D Red L

Progress in Premium Liiga so far
Green W
Grey D
Red L


Clashes in Premium Liiga: -
Tammeka's wins: -

Lokomotiv’s wins: -
Draws: -
Goals scored by Flora: -
Goals scored by Trans: -

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Tammeka's rows: Kristian Tiirik (LMF) 48 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Trans’ rows: Maksim Bazjukin (RMF) 35 goals

Info about the game

Tammeka finally returns home to Tamme Stadium.

Tammeka had the best average attendance in Premium Liiga last season (357 people).

The entrance is 4€ with a 50% discount for University students and pensioners. If you click 'Going' on Facebook, the entrance is a mere 1€.
U-14 kids in for free.

Not in Tartu? You can follow the game streaming here.
Kick-off at 19:00 EEST tomorrow (Saturday the 12th of April).