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Tartu JK Tammeka vs Narva JK Trans match preview

Deni DelevComment

Derby from the bottom of the table that might make things much more clear. Should Tammeka win in front of the home crowd they will match Narva’s 21 points and that will be almost impossible for Tallinna Kalev to catch which will mean end of the relegation struggle for both teams. If Narva wins, on the other hand, they will have their Premium Liiga hopes safe and without pressure can finish the rest of the season which proved to be a huge fail for them after showing title aspiration at the beginning of the season.

Focus on Tartu JK Tammeka (8/10, 18 pts)

If you see Tammeka’s recent form, you might notice their hot and cold play. As soon as they give their fans hope for better play, the next game brings them back to reality. However, the match against Narva is of special meaning for them and by no means will they relax and give the points away. Coach Koser doesn’t have many problems with the squad and it might be expected from him to field a team similar to the one that almost pulled a surprise last week against Infonet. That means Pechter on the goal, Tutk and Lorenz in central defense, Naggel and Ojamaa on the full-back positions. Tekko as usual should operate the center of the park, Sabanov and Tikerberi will most probably be deployed on the flanks, Miller and Tiirik as attacking midfielders just behind Hurt who plays as a lone forward.

Key-man: Martin Hurt

Initially used as a central defender, coach Koser was forced to deploy the 30-year old experienced player in attack and he certainly used his chance. 3 goals in 5 games is good accomplishment and he slowly seems to be finding himself there.

Injuries and suspensions

LATEST: Tikerberi is injured. Probable replacements shall be Tauts or Suurpere. However Koser might opt for Ojamaa on the right wing and Gutak on the left full-back position as he did last time against FC Infonet.

Besides Martin Jõgi and Ivanov, the rest of the players are available for selection.

Focus on Narva JK Trans (7/10, 21 pts)

Last week’s win over Kalev widely opened the door for another Premium Liiga season for the team from the east. However, as we mentioned before, their aspirations before the season were much higher and they can’t say this season was successful. Coach Yagudin doesn’t have many troubles with the squad and it can be expected from him to field the same team that won last week. That means Andrejev between the sticks, Nesterovski and Avdeev in front of him, Fjodorov and Shevyakov on the full-back positions, Epifanov and Sinicins should be deployed in central midfield, Jakovlev and Osipov on the flanks, and Skinjov just behind the top scorer of the team Viktor Plotnikov.

Key-man: Andrejs Sinicins

Even though he doesn’t play on his natural position as attacking midfielder, the Latvian is having good come back from the injury and already managed to score 2 goals and bagged one assist. More good performances from him are yet to follow.

Injuries and suspensions

Besides Tamberg and Irie, whose destiny in the club is still unknown, the rest of the team is available for selection.

Last week's starting XI for both teams (

Last week's starting XI for both teams (

Tactical keys

Tammeka is playing a very interesting 4-1-4-1 in order to enhance their offensive options and that has worked well for them. From the bottom five teams, only Paide has scored more goals than them. Narva, on the other hand, are famous for their defensive game while trying to use every chance they get on the counter.

Tammeka JK Tartu VS. Narva Trans HEAD-TO-HEAD
(last 6 Premium Liiga Matches via

Tammeka’s wins: 3
Draws: 2
Kalev's wins: 1
Goals scored by Tammeka: 8
Goals scored by Trans: 6
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Tammeka's rows: Kristian Tiirik (LMF) 54 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Trans's rows: Stanislav Kitto (CB) 55 goals

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1    2.20
X   3.45
2   2.80

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Referee squad
Andrei Karhu
has directed only 10 games in Premium Liiga showing 38 yellow cards (3,8) and a single red card for double booking. No straight red shown to anyone yet.

Info about the game

The match will be played at the Tamme stadium on Saturday, August 30. Kick-off at 19:00.

The ticket costs 4 euros. Students and pensioners can watch the game for 2 eur. If you attend the event on Facebook (even here) entrance will cost you 1 eur. Children under 14 and Tammeka’s youth players can watch the game free of charge.