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Tammeka vs. Paide Linnameeskond match preview

Deni DelevComment

With the return of the home games, the passion for football in Tartu is also back. This time, a clash between two struggling teams, both with one win after 7 rounds (Tammeka has one game less vs. Trans Narva) and certainly looking to improve their points accumulation entering the second half of April.

Focus on TAMMEKA

After failing to win their first game at home this season against the, mildly said, bad team of Lokomotiv Jõhvi, Tartu players must have their minds set on bringing joy to their loyal fans against the visitors from Paide, who are winless for 6 games in a row now.

That is why it is expected coach Koser to keep the attacking line-up and besides the injuries ravaging the team, will try to get the three points and bring joy to the home crowd. That said, we can try to speculate who may get the nod from the gaffer. Unless something unexpectedly happens in the next 48 hours Kütt should settle between the sticks. The main problem for Tartu will be in their defense which is mostly damaged with injuries. Captain Lorenz will be probably again paired with Simo Tenno, while Shabanov and Jõgi should be deployed on the full-back positions. The midfield should be reserved for Paju and Tekko, Tiirik and Tauts should take care of the flanks, Laabus,as usual, should be responsible for creating chances and if Ivanov doesn’t recover till Saturday, Valtna will be the one to score.


As many other teams in the Premium Liiga, coach Indrek Koser facilitates this formation with only one attacker and lot of help from the wings. So far it worked for them only against the team of Tallinna Kalev. Will they stick to it? Saturday will give us the answers to that.

Key-player: Andre Paju

The U-19 Estonian international this season has a new role, in the heart of the field and he is handling it very well. On the match against Levadia we could see that he is capable of containing opposition’s attacks as well as make nice and intelligent runs forward. If he manages to emulate that against Paide, he will certainly contribute a lot to changing the position his team is at the moment.


Anderson, Ivanov and Naggel are all sidelined and it remains to be seen if they will make it for the game on Saturday. The rest of the squad is in good condition and all the other players are available to the coach.

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It is still not clear what happened to the team of Meelis Rooba after the first round. Did they get too excited after beating Levadia? Did they show all their strengths during that game so that other teams could easily read their game? Were they adequately prepared for the long season? The answers to these questions are known only to the gaffer and his cooperatives and slowly, but surely, it is obvious that they are working on improving their position and image in the Premium Liiga. Introducing Palm on the goal might have brought some security in the back line and him alongside Palatu and Mägi (if he is available to play). Lomp and Holst should standardly take their full-back positions. In the midfield Kaldoja should go back to his natural position, in front of him we might expect to see Goldberg, Tomson, Atie and Rõivasepp and Valmas still as a central forward.


This formation became a trademark for the young coach of Paide as he tries to get the most of the young forwards at hand. At the same time, he has players like Koll and Kaldoja that are able to stop the opposition in midfield and push forward. How this will work against Tammeka we will see on Saturday.

Key-player: Atie

It is obvious that the Swedish attacker feels the burden and tries to do things by himself, but without Uwa in front of him, he seems to be struggling. A game like this, against weaker opposition might be what he needs to kick start his season once again and prove his worth in Premium Liiga.


As mentioned before, Uwa is the player mostly missed in the team and it is still unclear how long his rehabilitation will take. On the other hand, there is no information whether the captain Mägi will be available to start in Tartu, but everyone is expecting to see him in Rooba’s starting XI.

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The main tactical battle should be expected in the middle of the pitch where the team that will manage to gain the possession should be the one with the higher chance to score. In such a situation, we can see that Koser opposes Rooba with two central midfielders which may mean that he is the one willing to take over control of the central part and with that take the initiative. An interesting mind game between two young coaches that remains to be seen.


X   3.40
2   2.27

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The referees squad

Kristo Külljastinen has been appointed to direct the clash at Tamme Stadium. He has directed a Premium Liiga game only 15 times in, making him the referee with less experience for this matchday. 

62 yellow cards (4,1 per game) and 1 straight red card shown.

On a curiosity note, he is a former football player and has played 7 times for Paide Linnameeskond.

His assistants on the touchline will be Aron Härsing and Veiko Mõtsnik.
The 4th official will be Siim Rinken.


Clashes in Premium Liiga: 
Tammeka's wins: 4

Paide’s wins: 11
Draws: 5
Goals scored by Tammeka: 24
Goals scored by Paide: 38

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Tammeka's rows: Kristian Tiirik (LMF) 48 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Paide’s rows: 
Rasmus Tomson (MF) 33 goals

Info about the game

Second game in a row for Tammeka at Tamme Stadium.

The entrance is 4€ with a 50% discount for University students and pensioners. If you click 'Going' on Facebook, the entrance is a mere 1€.
U-14 kids in for free.

Not in Tartu? You can follow the game streaming. A link will be available immediately before the game here.

Kick-off at 19:00 EEST tonite (18th of April).