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The future of Tammeka in Premium Liiga

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'I have made my job and now I expect to get my money!'

'I have made my job and now I expect to get my money!'

18.02.2014 - 00:00
After writing an open letter to help Tammeka's cause in Premium Liiga, Uwe Erkenbrecher decided to congratulate with the 'new' club and wish luck to Tiirik&Co. for the upcoming season. However, there is still the pending issue of the amounts owed to him. Estonian FA chairman, Aivar Pohlak, clearly confirmed that the new club is not responsible for the debts of the old one. However the new one earned the sporting right to play in Premium Liiga thanks to Erkenbrecher work.
The question is: who will pay Uwe?

Here follows his letter sent to Tartu via RdS:

It`s good to hear that Tammeka can continue their way to be a part of professional football on the highest level in Estonia.

I wish them all the best for their performance and development and hopefully an excellent way for the many talents

However, on the other side, I expect that the club and the people in power will not forget to pay the outstanding money from last season to all employees!

We all together were working hard for the success of the first team and also the other teams in the club - we worked a long time without salaries - so it is the obligation to find a way to compensate the missing payments and to consider this also for the 2014 licencing of Tammeka.

I’m a German highest licenced Football Coach, who came to Estonia and Tartu to support the football commune and I tried to adapt quickly to the mentality and the conditions of the football scene - I have made my job and now I expect to get my money!

Good luck for Tammeka

Good luck for Estonian Football

Uwe Erkenbrecher


Kristjan Tiirik (left) when he was Joti Stamatopoulos' assistant coach (Õ

Kristjan Tiirik (left) when he was Joti Stamatopoulos' assistant coach (Õ

14.02.2014 - 14:45
Martti Pukk, FC Kuressaare CEO, player and captain wished to point out about the club's position regarding the offer made to play in Premium Liiga.

'We, and probably Rakvere too' told Martti to RdS 'did not give up the right to replace anybody! Officially, the Estonian FA did not make an offer to replace, they found the way for Tartu in Premium Liiga'.

14.02.2014 - 14:00
It's official, the Tammeka football academy has accepted the offer from the EJL!

With an official statement on the Premium Liiga official website.
'For us the most important thing is the the budget balancing and the support of the entrepreneurs, backers and of the Tartu city and citizenship' declared proudly Kristjan Tiirik, last yeat captain of Tammeka and the football academy CEO. 'We want to a multipurpose and efficient structure' added 'Tirka' stressing the fact that continuing in Premium Liiga gives the chance to Tammeka footballers to play at the level they deserved to back in November when they won the play-off game against Rakver JK Tarvas. Satisfaction for the positive response was also expressed by Estonian FA chairman, Aivar Pohlak.
The club has now an extended deadline (until the 31st of March) to present all the papers to the Estonian FA to obtain the licence.
Tammeka will now have a friendly game tomorrow (15th of February) to prepare for the new season: Tammeka vs. Kalev II at the Kalev artificial pitch (15:00h).
The debut in Premium Liiga is postponed to the 8th of March when Tammeka will take on FC Infonet in Tallinn (home games are postponed to summer to allow Tamme stadium pitch to defrost and be in suitable conditions for playing football).
The coach of the squad will be, for the moment, Indrek Koser, the double squad coach and Uwe Erkenbrecher assistant last season, revealed Tiirik to Linnaleht
Regarding his own position, Tiirik excluded to become assistant coach and wished rather to continue as a player (he will be 32 in August).
Regarding the name of the 'new' club, Tiirik was pretty clear 'We are MTÜ JalgpalliKool Tammeka, shortly is still JK Tammeka'.


12.02.2014 - 23:30
MTÜ Jalgpallikool Tammeka released a statement with comments about the offer done yesterday from EJL.

'We can accept this challege' explains the statement 'only if, entrepreneurs, backers, and the City of Tartu would strongly support us (...). Probably all parties - from sponsors to fans and from present footballers to upcoming ones - wish that Tartu and Tammeka would be in the tip of Estonian football'. The football academy concluded their statement confirming that they will actively communicate with all parties and discuss the situation in order to give an answer to the Estonian FA withing the deadline (Friday the 14th at 10am).

11.02.2014 - 15:25
In a long interview to Aivar Pohlak explained the reasons why an exception was made for MTÜ Jalgpallikool Tammeka.

The main reason lies in what Aivar Pohlak basically describes as a 'legal nonsense' where the Tammeka football club was juridically separated from the football academy, each of them with a separate management. The collapse of the Tammeka football club is attributed to the financial troubles of the management of the first entity ''the football academy cannot be blamed for those troubles'', concluded the Estonian FA chairman.

Regarding the 'legal nonsense', Aivar Pohlak wished such a circumstance to never happen again in the Estonian football. He admitted that the choice to offer the opportunity to Tammeka (the football academy) to continue in Premium Liiga was also pushed by emotional reasons as the fact that Tammeka home audience was the biggest in Estonia last season per average.

Asked about the debts of the old Tammeka, Pohlak declared himself as not the right recipient of the question adding that whether the debts will be cleared or not, it will not affect the new Tammeka in Premium Liiga as the football academy is not responsible for those debts. The chairman confirmed that the old Tammeka players have the right to look for a new club according to the rules.
He confirmed also the support from the Tartu city government to the football academy. ''I believe'' concluded the FA President ''that the solution offered is effective and positive for the development of Premium Liiga''.

To Õhtuleht, he expressed his regret for the escalation of the situation: ''I admit that the Estonian FA should have probably behaved with more energy in this situation'' declared the chairman ''we were aware of their troubles and of the fact that club and academy were parting. Probably we would have not reached this situation'' 

He additionally revealed that Jane Afshar admitted in speaking to him, that it was a mistake not to accept help from the Estonian FA via a 'recovery program' ''she admitted that on Friday saying it was a big mistake''.

11.02.2014 - 10:45
With a press release the EJL has informed to have offered to the 'MTÜ Jalgpallikool Tammeka' the possibility to continue as a representative of Tartu in the Premium Liiga, in the sport continuity with Tammeka. The Jalgpallikool Tammeka has time until Friday the 14th, 10:00h (GMT+2) to reply to the EJL offer.
''It's necessary and fair that Tartu would be represented in the Estonian top football'' declared Aivar Pohlak in the press release.
MTÜ Jalgpallikool Tammeka it is the football academy of Tammeka that was constituted as a separate juridical person and directed by Kristian Tiirik, player and captain of Tammeka last season under Uwe Erkenbrecher.
The football academy has been in deep contrast with Tammeka ownership regarding how money destined to the football academy was used by the club (named as MTÜ Jalgpalliklubi Tammeka). The ownership has been claiming a right to use that money.
A controversy might arise over the use of the word 'Tammeka' as the name was registered some days ago by the ownership.

10.02.2014 - 16:00
A tweet from the Rakvere JK Tarvas account confirmed that the club will start their season on the 2nd of March against FC Kuressaare in Esiliiga. 
Who will take Tammeka place then?

09.02.2014 - 16:40
Virumaa Teataja online informs that few days ago Aivar Pohlak met with Rakvere city government sport commission. Officially, the meeting was aimed at discussing the situation of the football facilities in the North-Eastern city. In particular, it was discussed to change the artificial turf which is the home ground of Rakvere Tarvas (an expense of about 250,000€). It is a hint at Rakvere joining Premium Liiga for 2014?

05.02.2014 - 03:20
Uwe Erkenbrecher
has decided to voice his feelings regarding the situation in Tartu and address the people at Tammeka with an open letter.

03.02.2014 - 23:35
With a press statement on their website, Tammeka have informed that the club is taking into consideration the opportunity to appeal against the licencing commission decision.

02.02.2014 - 19:45 Who are the people that decided about Tammeka’s future?

On Saturday the 1st the Estonian FA (EJL) released a press statement claiming that Tammeka did not meet the criteria for being granted a licence for 2014 Premium Liiga.

Along with the decision, the statement made the names of the licencing commission board public. Vaiko Tammeväli, Ivar Sikk, Jaanus Mutli and Janno Kaljuvee were the four forming the board that vetoed Tartu's main club participation into the Premium Liiga.

Who exactly are they besides the brief descriptions given by the EJL press release?

Vaiko Tammeväli has been the Head of Private Banking Division and Member of The Board of Swedbank AS since September 2011, a quite high-profile role for a 33-year-old only. He has also been a quite proficient footballer as he was  Nõmme Kalju goalkeeper when they played in Esiliiga. On the same tier, he has also played for FC Puuma. Most of his remaining footballing career was spent at Kaitseliit/Kalev in lower divisions.

However, he reached his best results as a beach soccer goalkeeper as he played for Nõmme BSC Triobet (he became Estonian Champion with the club) and he reached the beach soccer national team playing alongside the Siska brothers.

In 2009, he was awarded with the Best Beach Football Goalkeeper award.

Talking Swedbank, the greatest Estonian bank and EJL were the biggest creditors of FC Flora in 2010, granting a total of 110 million Estonian kroons (EJL portion was 50 millions).

Ivar Sikk is the chairperson of Aeroc Jämerä AS, a joint company producing building materials for isolation and decoration of houses.

Aeroc Jämerä AS is a big sponsor of Martin Reimi Jalgpalli Kool
, the football school belonging to former international and U-21 coach Martin Reim. Sikk has played football himself at amateur level with FC Hansa United until 2012.

Jaanus Mutli is very well known as a politician at Tallinn City Council level and he was a FIFA category referee. He was Tallinn deputy mayor from 2005 till 2009.
He is the member of board of sports club ‘Los Toros’ (MTÜ Los Toros) and he is representing the basketball team Tamsalu Los Toros.

Janno Kaljuvee, sales director at Meklar OÜ (producing timber and components for furniture) played in lower leagues for FC Toompea and FC Lelle and for FC Kuressaare in Meistriliiga at the start of 2000.

He ran at the Istanbul marathon being the best Estonian runner to classify at finish line (85th in 3h08m20s).


Aivar Pohlak (

Aivar Pohlak (

01.02.2014 - 19:51
OFFICIAL: Tartu Tammeka has not passed the licencing process and therefore will not take part into Premium Liiga 2014.

Official statement by Estonian FA here

According to info revealed to RdS by one of our sources, the club admitted to the pool of 10 will be Rakvere JK Tarvas.

31.01.2014 - 19:50
A RdS source informed us that at a seminar held in the FA offices for Premium Liiga clubs about marketing (held in English by a Dutch lecturer) there is no representative of Tammeka.

Instead there are one representative from FC Kuressaare and one from Rakvere JK Tarvas.

FCK and Tarvas are the clubs next in line to replace Tammeka if the club's licensing application will not be accepted by the FA during the start of next week.

31.01.2014 - 00:30

The start of next week will be crucial for Tartu Tammeka and the entire Premium Liiga as the Estonian FA (EJL) will take decision over the documents forwarded by club's owner, Jane Afshar, to apply for the club's licence. We will know whether the season 2014 will kick off (on the 1st of March) with or without Tammeka and Tartu on the top football map.

Notwithstading the postponement, first comments already came and from the EJL chairman in person. According to Aivar Pohlak

talking to the Estonian radio Vikerraadio, there is the perception that the names entered into the documents forwarded to the FA offices, they are fictitious. Basically the FA president thinks that the club representatives indicated in the papers submitted, they are not real but an attempt of the Tammeka ownership to rush in for getting a licence. This impression pushed the EJL to postpone the decision as they want to thoroughly examine the documents official statement declared that, compared to other clubs who had a deadline until the 6th of January, Tammeka was already given an extension (28th of January) and the documents that reached the FA office in the morning of the 29th were all signed on the very last days: on the 27th, 28th and the 29th. While writing, the FA is examining the documents and will give an answer at the start of next week. On the topic of the 'fictitious names' Jane Afshar has replied personally via the same Estonian radio: ''All contracts are correct'' said unconditionally the club's main investor ''I am amazed, where this impression that people are fictitious comes from? I haven't signed those documents myself. I don't know at all where this issue came from. They can call all the people in there, they are all coming (to work for Tammeka - A.P.). Why shall I have put names of fictitious people?''At the same time, Jane Afshar did not wish to reveal other names after the CEO name was revealed by 'RdS' early on the 29th. Later during the 29th, from Soccernet twitter account, the Estonian football webportal revealed the names of the coach and assistant coach:

'RdS' can confidently say that the names indicated in that tweet (Nikola Ilievski as head coach and Ivan O'Konnel-Bronin as assistant coach) are not correct.

              Alex Scheperin, future Tammeka CEO               (

              Alex Scheperin, future Tammeka CEO

30.01.2014 - 13:30
The name of Alex Scheperin as Tammeka CEO was confirmed by Tammeka owner herself, Jane Afshar, to Õhtuleht as confirmed by Ott Järvela in his article.

29.01.2014 - 03:21

The new Tammeka CEO will be a familiar name for those who usually read webpages: reporter Alex Scheperin. Alex has two MBA’s and he has been the CEO of Labor 83, an import/export firm. He’s been author of interesting pieces on Soccernet like an interview to former Zenit player Juri Źeludkov .

Jane Afshar (Õ

Jane Afshar (Õ

29.01.2014 - 00:45

It is already past midnight in Tallinn.
The winter night is in full swing: -15'C and a clear sky.

Probably the opposite picture many Tammeka fans and not have made about the future of the Tartu’s most prominent club: a hot situation with Tammeka falling off the Premium Liiga and the future cast with clouds.

Around Asula street, the headquarters of the EJL, everything is quiet.
However, inside the offices are buzzing as the deadline for sending the registration documents expired about a hour ago.

Obviously the most awaited application was the one expected from the white-blue Tartu club.

Thanks to information received from a ‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’ informer, we can confirm that all documents were sent to the EJL and that means that the first condition for Tammeka to continue in the Premium Liiga is secured.

The FA will now examine the documents in the following days.

As declared earlier to Õhtuleht, by Tammeka’s chairman, Jane Afshar, there are people to continue with at the club.

Names might be disclosed in the next days.