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Tammeka Tartu vs. Sillamäe match preview

Deni DelevComment

Three games without loss for Tammeka?


As the warm weather makes its way in Estonia, Premium liiga is also making its way back to Tartu. Tuesday evening fixture in which the home fans will certainly come in numbers to support their team in what is, so far, the longest streak without a loss this season. The visitors from Sillamäe also broke their four game winless run last week and they will certainly try to get away with the three points from this game.

Focus on TAMMEKA (8/10, 7pt)

Many might have expected to see Tammeka come back with the three points from Jõhvi, but at the end they came to a situation to save a point with a controversial penalty in the last minute. However, the last two games have been quite positive for coach Koser. They managed to get 4 points out of them and at least for the time being to breathe Premium Liiga air out of the relegation zone. For this home game we might expect to see Pechter back between the sticks, Anderson and Tekko in front of him and Tenno and Naggel on the full back positions. In central midfield Jõgi and Laabus should get their gaffer nod and in the attacking line we might expect to see Rääbis, Tiirik and Shabanov playing behind Valtna.

Standard formation for Indrek Koser as they are trying to get the maximum of Tiirik and Valtna in front while using the stability of Laabus and Jõgi in the midfield.

Key-man: Kristian Tiirik
As usual, the best goalscorer of the team should be the most dangerous one. When he is on the pitch, Tammeka looks much more comfortable on the ball and more likely to score.

Injuries and suspensions
Jõgi, Lorenz and Kiidron are still not available due to injuries, while Simo Tenno and Tekko should be very careful on the ball if they want to avoid suspension due to yellow cards.

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Focus on SILLAMÄE KALEV ( 5/10, 18pt)

The little shake-up in the squad accounted for four winless games for the best team from the eastern part of the country and that was a huge setback for them in the race for the title. They did manage to win the last game against Paide quite easily and are now travelling to the south to face Tammeka. For this match coach Dobizha shouldn’t have many doubts so Lavrentjev should be on the goal, Baguzis and Tjapkin in central defense, while Dudarev and Novikov should take on the full-back positions. Volodin and Ratnikov should again be in central midfield and Mashichev, Murikin and Kabaev most probably will start again behind the top scorer Kvasov.

Coach Dobizha has very good forwards line and the absence of Zahovaiko goes almost unnoticeable. Kabaev found himself on the right flank and with Mashichev on the other side they form a very formidable duo that creates danger whenever they go forward.

Key-man: Jaroslav Kvasov

The 22-year old Ukrainian attacker probably didn’t expect to play so many minutes this season, but with the injury of Zahovaiko he became the first choice for Dobizha and didn’t disappoint. His goals will be needed in Tartu if they are about to go home with the three points.

Injuries and suspensions
Coach Dobizha has a lot of headaches when it comes to picking up the best squad. Zahovaiko and Paponov are out for the rest of the season and Cheminava is still not eligible to play. On the other hand, Tjapkin, Ratnikov and Volodin are all a yellow card away from suspension.

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Both coaches opt for the same formation and the slight advantage goes to Sillamäe mainly because of the number of goals scored which is almost twice as many as Tammeka. All the attackers, except for Kvasov, scored in the last match against Paide so they are all going into this clash with high expectations and good atmosphere. Tiirik and co. might have different plans though, so we will have to wait and see which of the coaches will win the mind game.


Clashes in Premium Liiga: 25
Tammeka’s wins: 9
Sillamäe's wins: 7
Draws: 9
Goals scored by Tammeka: 40
Goals scored by Sillamäe: 29

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Tammeka's rows: Kristian Tiirik (LMF) 50 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Sillamäe's rows: Vjatseslav Zahovaiko (CF) 175 goals - with the captain sidelined by an injury, the next in line is Nikolai Maśitsev (LM), 46 goals

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1    11.10
X  6.05

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

Game entrusted to Toomas Nõmmiste's whistle: 28 games, 82 yellow cards (2,92), 2 reds for double booking and 5 straight reds it's his tally in Premium Liiga. The assistants on the touchlines are Raul Kaivoja and Dmitri Vinogradov with Hannes Kaasik overlooking from the technical area.


Kick-off tomorrow, Tuesday the 20th of May, at 19:00 EEST in Tamme Stadium .

The entrance is 4€ with a 50% discount for University students and pensioners.

If you 
click 'Going' on Facebook, the entrance is a mere 1€.
U-14 kids in for free.