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Positive debut for Tenno and Laabus with VfR Neumunster under Erkenbrecher

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VfR Neumunster entering Grümmi Arena, Laabus and Tenno were there since the beginning

VfR Neumunster entering Grümmi Arena, Laabus and Tenno were there since the beginning

Last week Siim Tenno (Narva Trans) and Reio Laabus (Tammeka Tartu) moved to VfR Neumunster under the guide of Uwe Erkenbrecher

Today they debuted in a friendly game against KSV Holstein II (the double team of German 3rd Tier - 3.Liga). VfR Neumunster plays in Regionalliga Nord, 4th tier of the pyramid.

Our correspondent from 'Grümmi Arena' (VfR home, 10,000 people capacity) Steffen Ries, recounts us the action involving the two Estonian players who just joined the club from the Schleswig-Holstein

Both Sim Tenno (wearing nr.19) and Reio Laabus (nr. 7) were fielded in the starting XI

Tenno was the only defensive central midfielder whereas Laabus was given a bit more offensive role, playing half-right in front of Tenno as a central offensive midfielder in a 4-1-4-1 formation.

Both teams started nervously looking at each other's tactics.

Erkenbrecher also fielded another test player in the starting XI

After ten minutes Neumünster got better and the first chance lead to the first goal. Pass by Laabus picked up by Ingreso who scored with a shot from distance.

The second goal was Laabus' one as he picked the goalkeeper's rebound on his first attempt and scored into the empty net.

Tenno, who played just the first 45 minutes as Uwe tested several other trialists, was the clear leader of the team, creating lots of attacks and winning a lot of balls while always being aggressive but fair at the same time.
He made a very strong impression to me. He definitely will be a key-part of the team for the upcoming season.

Laabus wasn't as strong as Tenno but also positive. Besides the goal and the assist he was a valuable part of the team as he pressed consistently when he was in defence and a solid presence when setting up offensively.

In conclusion, it was a good irst game for both of them giving Erkenbrecher a lot of ground to justify rhe controversial double transfer of both players.

Surely, both will play an important role in Neumünster.

from Neumunster, Steffen Ries for 'Rumori di Spogliatoio'

VfR Neumunster vs. KSV Holstein II 6-2