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Comment: I am with Terehhov

Angelo PalmeriComment
Terehhov in action against Narva Trans (

Terehhov in action against Narva Trans (

Today it will be very hard to be Sergei Terehhov.

He will open the door of the changing room and he will apologize in front of the entire team for the mistake made.

Probably one of the most bitter ‘Vastlapäev’ (Shrove Tuesday) of his footballing career.

Sergei Terehhov is the sport director of Kalju since a few years already. After pairing his executive role with his place in the team as experienced midfielder, he decided to nail his boots to the wall once and forever at the end of last season and dedicate himself to the desk job.

94 caps with the ‘Eesti Koondis’ (9th in the all-time table ) and 5 goals he has spent few bits of his career abroad (Norway, Russia and Finland).

After a couple of seasons with the defunct TVMK, he joins Nõmme Kalju in 2009 tying his name to the club he’s been playing most of his career.

When the news broke that Kalju win against Infonet on matchday 1 had been annulled, it took about an hour for ‘Terja’ to confess his mistake to

It’s purely my mistake’ told Terehhov without beating around the bush ‘I take the guilt and tomorrow I go in front of the team to apologize’.




We can only imagine the frustration that beset Prins&Co. when learning that their hard and sweated win over Infonet had been handed over to the opponents.

However we shall also walk in ‘Terja’s shoes.

Football is a game played by human beings. Human beings commit mistakes.

A club’s president purchase the wrong player believing he will make the difference, instead the player reveals inept.
A coach fields the wrong XI in a wrong formation and loses a game badly.
A forward misses a goal or a goalkeeper makes a blunder.
A referee doesn’t assign a penalty or overlooks an off-side.
And when comes to journalists, oh my goodness!
Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.


Not so quick Diego... (Getty)

Not so quick Diego... (Getty)

We can obviously judge and give an opinion, it’s part of our job. At the same time we shall not forget that everyone could commit a mistake, on and off the pitch and there is no such a thing like a small or a big club when doing that.

In September 2011, FC Internazionale Milano had a rude awakening when they discovered that Uruguay striker, Diego Forlan, was not eligibile for the 2011-12 Champions League. He had already played in the Europa League qualifier. Inter had to wait January in order to re-register Forlan. Sport director Marco Branca was blamed for the mistake.

Everyone back home, now! (

Everyone back home, now! (

In March 1991, AC Milan abandoned a game against Olympique de Marseille. On 87’ minutes, one of the floodlights of the stadium turned off. OM were leading 1-0 and the first game was 1-1, AC Milan were out of the Champions League. The Swedish referee, Bo Karlsson, suspended the game for few minutes. Notwithstanding the floodlight was working partially again and sufficiently to resume the game. At that point, AC Milan general manager, Adriano Gallianiwalked onto the pitch inviting his side to abandon the game believing that the lighting was not enough. His judgement cost Milan the technical loss of that game and one year suspension from the European competitions, a disgrace for a side who was dominating the European scene.

We could probably add other episodes, however the concept should be already quite clear: errare humanum est - making mistakes (even pricey) is human.

Forza Terja!