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Narva Trans vs. Tammeka Tartu Match Preview

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Focus on Narva Trans (7/10, 21 pts)

The international break helped Narva Trans to recover their only goalkeeper, Nikita Tokaitchuk, after defender Vitali Andrejev covered the spot for two games. Normally a full-back, Vitali found himself in the strange situation of having to replace Tokaitchuk few minutes before the game against Kalev. 'I have been already a goalkeeper when I was in the academy' he told to in the aftermath of the 4-1 against Kalev 'there is not so much difference, you always have to give all of yourself' concluded the nr.33. The final balance was not bad as he suffered only 3 goals and Trans scored 5. However, the last game in Tartu was a painful loss. After leading for almost all the game, Andrejev picked up the ball twice from the back of the net as Paju first and Rääbis after, grabbed an un-hoped for comeback. Two weeks after, Trans have the chance to take their own revenge, however, it will not be easy since Trans has only managed to grab a point away to Tartu in the first seasonal confrontation and conceded a famous win in July. Trans points have been levelled by Tammeka therefore the game is like a final for both. Even though it's unlikely Kalev might catch on the Eastern Estonian club (there are 9 points of gap and Kalev have Sillamäe home to face), it would be quite significant that a club with high ambitions as was Narva at start of season (podium!) would be overtaken by one who barely made it to Premium Liiga from the offices of the Estonian FA. It's all a matter of organization, and it seems Narva and Tartu are at odds and not only geographically. 

Key-man: Roman Nesterovsky
The captain and centreback is the second best goal scorer of the reds (5, one behind midfielder Plotnikov) hinting at a possibility he might help his side solving the netting problems shown since start of season (25 goals since the start, third worst attack). Unless Artjom Skinjov, striker, will bring the positive vein shown with the U-19 national team against Belarus (2-1 win with Skinjov scoring the winner

Injuries and suspensions

The squad is already thin with Jagudin having to make go with the second team players. Additionally, Irie and Tamberg have missing already since a long time due to serious injuries they are not likely to recover any soon. Other than that, they are all available except Sinicins who will face suspension (1). Ornat, Jakovlev and Avdeev are all one card from suspension (Irie and Tamberg too for the record).

Focus on Tammeka Tartu (8/10, 21 pts)

The win home (the second this season) after a great comeback gave a huge moral boost to the Tartu side now ready to take on the long travel to Narva accompanied by their fans. The 2-1 win in July is a good precedent, however the blues will be also happy with a draw as will keep the record clean against the Eastern Estonia rivals and help digging the gap with Kalev, likely to concede a huge score to Sillamäe in Tallinn. The team had the chance to focus more on physical work that went missing during  the season preparation in winter and had also the pride to see two of their lads being called up for the U-19 national team game (Markus Jõgi and Rasmus Tauts) an award to the club's policy of investing on the local offspring of footballers.

Key-man: Kevin Rääbis
Talking talents, the 20-year-old midfielder has a lot and can show also in the return game in Eastern Estonia. Not only Tiirik, once in a while.

Injuries and suspensions
Except Martin Jõgi, Ivanov and Tikerberi, all the others are fully available with the only Tekko missing out on suspension. A problem that might soon face Simo Tenno, Tauts, Paju and Lorenz, all one card away from suspension.

The starting XI's as featuring in Tartu, quite young and both with same average: 22,4 years (

The starting XI's as featuring in Tartu, quite young and both with same average: 22,4 years (

Tactical keys
With Sinicins out for suspension, Jagudin might bring Plotnikov in the middle of the park in order to gain physical overwhelming power against Paju and Tekko. Tiirik will perform the usual movements between midfield and attack creating problems to the Narva mid-line. The game will be mostly played in the midfield line with occasional flanks forays, especially by Tammeka, who will try to hit both with Suurpere and Tauts. Ojamaa overlapping skills will contribute. Definitely not an easy day for Nesterovsky&Co.

Tammeka JK Tartu VS. Narva Trans HEAD-TO-HEAD
(last 6 Premium Liiga Matches via

Narva's wins: 1
Draws: 2
Tammeka’s wins: 3
Goals scored by Trans: 6
Goals scored by Tammeka: 8
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Trans's rows: Stanislav Kitto (CB) 55 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Tammeka's rows: Kristian Tiirik (LMF) 54 goals

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1    2.15
X   3.90
2   2.80

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)
The match director will be Kristo Tohver
242 games in Premium Liiga for the international referee, showing 806 yellow cards (3,33) 28 red cards for a second booking and 38 straight ones.


Info about the game
A two-euro coin is all you need to enter Kalev-Fama stadium, the home of Narva Trans. Members of Trans fan club and eligible categories in for just 1€
The game will neither be televised nor streamed. Will we get another Tiirik screamer on home tape as last season (see video below)?
Kick-off at 13:00 EEST (12:00 CEST) on the 13th of Septmber.