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Erkenbrecher leaves Tenno and Laabus behind

Angelo PalmeriComment
Uwe yesterday when he was a Werder Bremen player...

Uwe yesterday when he was a Werder Bremen player...

With a dry note on their Facebook page, VfR Neumunster have announced that former Tammeka coach, Uwe Erkenbrecher will leave the club at the end of the season.

Less than a year for the German gaffer in the Schleswig-Holstein club of Regionaliga Nord who brought with himself from Estonia Reio Laabus (from Tammeka) and Siim Tenno (from Narva Trans, but one of his pupils during the Tartu times).

‘Erke’ is set to join another club, MTV Gifhorn as coach and sport director, a new challenge in the Landesliga Braunschweig. It’s 6th tier of the German football system, two tiers lower than Neumunster, however, said Uwe, ‘it did not matter in the end,’ describing the reason for leaving Neumunster as complaining for lack of full professionalism in Regionaliga.

...and today still as VfR Neumunster coach

...and today still as VfR Neumunster coach

The small club from the Gifhorn rural district has already announced him. Is this Uwe’s career swan song? The 60-year-old coach commented with his usual wit. ‘I would not say this is the last sprint,’ said comparing his career to a race ‘however this might be the last corner before that.

Erkenbrecher admitted he had made a choice already several weeks earlier, however he had to wait for an official announcement. ‘The football world has its own rules.’ He then described his role at the new club: ‘I do not want to turn everything upside down,’ reassured the gaffer ‘we will not go 300km/h in a curve!

What will happen to his Estonian pupils once the mentor is gone?
VfR Neumunster is lagging behind in Regionaliga Nord with 18 points in 21 game (16/18 place, which would give them the chance to retain the tier through a play-off).
On Saturday they will take on Werder Bremen double team.