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Kostantin Vassiljev: Estonia are not the whipping boys!

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Updated on 23rd of October 2014 at 14:44 EEST - videointerview added

Estonian international, Konstantin Vassiljev joined Ekstraklasa club, Piast Gliwice, back at the end of August (picture news here). However, so far, he has had little chance to to play with his new teammates since an injury picked at his debut prevented him from playing regularly. After the return in the national team XI against England ('Rumori' evaluated his performance here with a 5), 'Kostja' has managed to find the way back also at his club. During Slask-Piast (3-0 for the home club who showed interest in Spring for Kalju's Kimbaloula - our exclusive full story here) Vassiljev replaced Murawski on 62' minutes when Slask was already two nil up.
You can follow Kostja's club's results and table in our Estonians Abroad.

Vassiljev spoke to the club's website in what is his first Polish interview.  Rumori offers its readers an English translation. The interview starts with a positive consideration that Vassiljev's entrance on the pitch improved Piast game remarking the fact that Kostja had a good chance on a set-piece.

You can find more information about Vassiljev's club in this special profile of Piast Gliwice written by Davide Matteoli from

A special thanks to Marcin Dobosz from Przeglad Sportowy for helping with the translation.

How do you see the game against Slask?

Vassiljev's card on Piast Gliwice's website (click to enlarge)

- It was a draw at half time and the result could have changed in both ways. After the break, it seemed that we played much better. Unfortunately for us, the other half started with two defensive errors and in 51 minutes we were losing 0-2. But we shouldn’t think about this defeat. We must learn the lesson and the next game we shall play at such a level that we would impose our game as we did against Legia (3-1 win in Gliwice in week 11 -AP)

In the second half you came on. Slask goalkeeper barely managed to save your free-kick. How would you rate your performance?

It's hard to judge my own performance thinking we lost the game. My shot was good and it’s a fact. However, it did not affect in any way the final result. Slask played very well defensively and it was hard for us to take off into the game. Although, maybe if the ball had hit the net…

What about your performances in the Estonian national team? You were recently well evaluated by the pundits, even the Polish channel Canal+ evaluated you positively.

Kostja talking with Angel Garcia, Piast gaffer from Spain

Kostja talking with Angel Garcia, Piast gaffer from Spain

We played well, but we lost the first game against Lithuania and then against England, so there is nothing to talk about. One thing is that, before the game against England, everyone sentenced us to be devoured. Instead, we gave harsh conditions to the English and we showed that we are not the whipping boys. I am pleased that the media say well about me, very cool to hear about the positive comments. Unfortunately, it did not mean winning. I would have preferred much more to win!

On Saturday Piast will play at home against Jagiellonia. What is your prediction?

Jagiellonia are a very good team. They've been on a hot streak currently (they are second in the table -AP). They easily won against Pogon in their newly-built stadium and the upcoming game in Gliwice will surely be exciting. However, the focus is now mainly on our own game, trying to correct all the deficiencies that emerged during the game against Slask.

The game against Jagiellonia is on Saturday the 30th of October at 16:30 CET.

Contrary to what stated earlier, a video-interview with Vassiljev already appeared on Piast Gliwice website soon after Kostja was signed by the Polish club