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Positive performance for Liivak: one assist served in 6-0 win

Angelo PalmeriComment
Frank following the game from the bench in first half

Frank following the game from the bench in first half

Even though Saurini did not start Liivak since the beginning in the 6-0 win against APIA Leichhardt, Frank managed to have a great impact on the game coming from the bench.

The last game for Napoli was nothing more than a pure formality as the ‘Azzurrini’ were already out of the Viareggio Cup due to the losses picked up with Anderlecht in matchday 1 (0-1) and Palermo in matchday 2 (0-1).

APIA Liechhardt were the real minnow of the group: before squaring up with Liivak & Co. they had already suffered 8 goals without scoring any (a 5-0 loss to Palermo and 3-0 loss to Anderlecht).

It was the best chance for Saurini XI to shine and they did not miss it.

Frank Liivak during warm-up

Frank Liivak during warm-up

Saurini fielded many reserves of his side with regulars as goalkeeper Contini, midfielder and captain Palmiero and forward Rubino on the bench together with Frank Liivak.

Against all odds, first half was just 1-0 for Napoli thanks to a penalty transformed by D’Auria.
Napoli took over the game in second half.

On the resume, Saurini sent Liivak in for Bifulco. The Estonian striker, on the 2-0 for Napoli, served an assist for the 3-0 on 61’ minutes.

It was a quick counterattack move started by Napoli. Liivak received the ball and, after dribbling two opponents ball-on-foot, he served De Iorio for the third netting. De Iorio scored other two for a personal hattrick making it 6-0 in total counting Di Giovanni goal on 64’ minutes.

Probably not a proving test for Napoli Primavera however the win might serve as a boost for the next games.

Napoli leaves Viareggio with their heads held high.
Next weekend (15th of February) Napoli will receive Bari at Sant’Antimo pitch.
On the 25th of February a trip to Madrid to play Real in the Youth League

Napoli - Andelecht 0-1
Napoli - Palermo 0-1