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Viareggio Cup, the adventure is already over for Liivak and Napoli

Angelo PalmeriComment
Viareggio Cup, Napoli-Palermo under the rain. Napoli with the famous camouflage away shirt (

Viareggio Cup, Napoli-Palermo under the rain. Napoli with the famous camouflage away shirt (

Two goals suffered in two games. Zero scored. Two losses.
This is the balance for Liivak’s Napoli Primavera since the competition has kicked off few days ago.
Unfortunately, it was enough for the young squad to be eliminated from the Viareggio Cup.
Today’s game against Palermo was already decisive for the destiny of the ‘Azzurrini’ who were called to get the three points to aim at least to the second place granting them a ticket to the knock-out stage.
If against Anderlecht’s Saurini’s XI managed to hold the cup holders on a goalless draw in the first half, this time, against Palermo, the ‘Azzurrini’ surrendered on 44’ minutes on the developments following a set-piece situation.
That late goal in first half was enough to mathematically send home Napoli.
The last game with APIA Leichhardt Tigers FC will be just a formality and should not represent a great obstacle as the Australian side lost 5-1 to Palermo on the opening day.
SSC Napoli played the first half with the usual 4-2-3-1 and Liivak was given a starter a left flanker in the 3-man line behind the forward, Rubino.
Nothing remarkable from Frank in the first half. Except a through ball into the box on 42’ minutes that Frank could not reach before the Palermo’s goalkeeper.
His display probably was not enough convincing for Saurini as he replaced Liivak when already ten minutes into the second half.
Local media describe his performance as not having an impact on the game by the word ‘dull’.

Later on Saurini did not dramatize about the elimination and actually emphasized his side’s good display: ‘’we had good performances with both Anderlecht and Palermo’’ declared proud the 45-year-old coach ‘’in second half Palermo did not manage to produce anything, our goalkeeper was not busy at all’’. He is not sad for not having reached the knock-out stage: ‘’we will take all the positive things from this experience and use them in the championship’’ said optimistically.
‘’We were not expected to win this tournament’’ concluded the coach ‘’it was an important stage to prepare for the championship and for the Youth League (against Real Madrid – A.P.)’’


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