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Where is Uwe?

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He came to Estonia like a storm in the middle of the summer.

His debut game against Levadia will be more remembered for his famous 'igloo and skiing' weather description afterwards than for the final result (3-1 for Kristal's side

Uwe Erkenbrecher has carved a place in everyone's heart thanks to his charisma and wit.

He was not the kind of person to mince his own words. ''Tartu Sport are amateurs!'' broke in the post-match interview in Valga as his side was compelled to travel to the border city to play their 'home' game following the unfeasibility of playing in Tamme Stadium.

Uwe at the press conference of his new club (VfR Neumünster Facebook)

His contract expired on the 31st of December 2013.

Despite rumours that were hinting at him resuming his job in Tartu, Uwe remained in Germany.

He followed Tammeka's vicissitudes very closely.

In one open letter sent to RdS he was wishing for Tammeka to continue in Premium Liiga, as that was the fruit of his hard work together with his team.

In another one, he asked for the due monetary acknowledgment of his hard work. A thorny issue as the 'new club' was juridically not a continuation of the 'old one'.

Meanwhile, Uwe has been looking for a job in his home country football.

Not an easy task, as he confessed to RdS back in November. The new generation of young German coaches is slowly taking over and it gets harder for the 'old foxes' to make their way.

However, Uwe is not the one to give up that easily. After all, he saved Tammeka on a dull November afternoon in the middle of the Estonian nowhere bordering with Latvia.

The last game against TSV Havelse, a 0-2 for the visitors (click to enlarge - VfR Neumünster Facebook)

The last game against TSV Havelse, a 0-2 for the visitors (click to enlarge - VfR Neumünster Facebook)

Since two weeks Uwe Erkenbrecher is the new coach of VFR Neumünster, a club from the region of the Schleswig-Holstein (the northern German region bordering with Denmark).

The club is quite old (founded in 1910) and plays in the 'Regionaliga Nord' (fourth tier of German football including clubs also from Lower-Saxony, and Bremen and Hamburg areas)

His debut on the Neumünster dug-out was against the Hamburger SV U-23 (they lost 1-0).
A baptism of fire for the expert German coach with a past at Wolfsburg.
''Passion , courage, and we must develop a winning mentality'' declared in a pre-match interview to the website 'Sport im Norden'.

He has replaced coach Helmut Szpadzinski who was sacked by the club. ''At the press conference, I noticed that there were internal difficulties and club and Helmut have fallen slightly. This then resulted in the separation. This is what I know''.

VfR Neumünster is a club with a bit of problems though. However, as he said once ''I don't get shocked at anything''.

Uwe and his dugout accessories

Uwe and his dugout accessories

Ten players of the starting XI do not have a contract for the upcoming season, how Uwe reacted? ''Since my engagement is planned for three months, the club must be active in the first place. I 'm used to tough environments and have often enough proved that I can handle it well ''.

For reference, ask Tammeka fans.

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