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EXCLUSIVE: Sergei Zenjov, 10 minutes against Brentford - photogallery

Angelo PalmeriComment

Here we offer some pictures of Sergei Zenjov courtesy of Peter Mowbray from 'Live In Blackpool' exclusively for 'Rumori di Spogliatoio' - ©

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A bitter evening the other day for Blackpool FC and Sergei Zenjov, who came on 81’ minutes to be denied an equalizer by the Brentford goalkeeper from close distance. Blackpool surrendered 2-1 to Brentford on week 3 of the Championship and are now bottoming the table with zero point along with Fulham.

Thanks to ‘Live in Blackpool’, we’re bringing you an excluside gallery of Zenjov in action at Bloomfield Road.

Before that, a curious episode involving a Brentford player and Blackpool FC defender MacMahon, with the former literally biting the latter.
This is an exclusive picture of the episode not caught by other media.