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Dundalk Remain in Pole Position

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'Rumori' tries to bring coverage of as many continental leagues as possible.

For the SSE Airtricity League (or also known as 'League oif Ireland') we are counting on the insider look of Keith O'Dwyer

Keith has worked for several years at the Irish club Sligo Rovers as he was the Club Promotion Officer and Secretary. He is now a volunteer within the club and the match commentator for local radio, Ocean FM.

'Radio Ireland' will bring stories and inside look from the Irish football realm.

Not to mention that Sander Puri is now a player at Sligo and we will follow him very closely this season!

Richie Towell brings Dundalk another set of three points (

Richie Towell brings Dundalk another set of three points (

The standout game last week in the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division was the meeting of the top two in Turners Cross, Cork as the champions and current leaders Dundalk travelled to face last season’s runners-up Cork City. It was the league games between these sides last season that effectively decided the title race and that added to the occasion. The game was broadcast live on RTE and was a sell-out with just under 7,000 in attendance and there were even people turned away. This itself was a great advertisement for the league and the game lived up to the hype with Dundalk winning 2-1 thanks to two goals from Richie Towell coming after Billy Dennehy had given Cork the lead. So a huge early blow for Cork but after the game they were all that everyone was talking about as pundits talked about the crowd and the attention that they generated for the game. They are been held up as the model for other clubs to aspire to but it’s not that simple and it’s something that the league has a habit of doing.

From the brink of bankrupty to becoming Irish Champions in 2012. The Irish Post (where the picture is taken from) talked about a 'sporting miracle'.

From the brink of bankrupty to becoming Irish Champions in 2012. The Irish Post (where the picture is taken from) talked about a 'sporting miracle'.

When I started working with Sligo Rovers we were told Galway United were the club for us to emulate and then it was Shamrock Rovers, then ourselves and now Cork and Dundalk to be fair as well. The nature of football means that you can’t take the marketing principles applied to one club and use them on another, it’s not that easy, there is a lot of common ground but you need the buy-in of the people involved with the club and of the players, management team and supporters, all have to be on the same page working towards the same goal. Going back to my experience when I started with Rovers we nearly went bankrupt and there was an unspoken pact between everyone involved with the club that it would never be in that situation again. There was a drive to improve in every aspect and we did and it is something I will go into further detail on in subsequent blogs. It’s also why supporters find it hard to take the current situation that the club is in. Last week I said the club had turned a corner well I was wrong and more than a tad optimistic as Rovers were easily brushed aside in Richmond Park by St. Patrick’s Athletic. 

Former player Aaron Greene scored two and Chris Forrester got the other and well in truth St. Pat’s could have won by more as Rovers had one shot on target in the whole game.

Sander Puri started on the right wing and finished on the left but such was St. Pat’s dominance that he spent most of the game camped in his own half as an auxiliary defender. He also received criticism for not tracking back.

Manager Owen Heary remains under pressure and supporters seem split as to whether he should stay or go. I still think that it’s far too early to be making a call on a man who is only in his third season of management. His stand off nature is hurting his relationship with the supporters as he doesn’t acknowledge them after a game and even though it shouldn’t it’s one of things that annoys people and as we all find out too often in life it is the small things that can trip you up. 

Until next week,

Keith O’Dwyer