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Matchday 5 - results

Angelo PalmeriComment

Group A is the most open group of the 2015 tournament. With a bare game to go, all teams have virtually one chance to qualify onto the next round even though FC Gembion hold the wreath of favourites looking everyone from their 9 points. However, in the last matchday, they were demolished by Viimsi FC (4-0) while FC Staarid managed it with a slim win: 1-0.
Group B is done and dusted for FC Lamp. The tiny win away at Ambrosiana (0-1) was enough to progress to the 6-out-of-6 demolishing record in the group. They just need another 3 points against JK Ässad (0 points) to secure the all-time record. FC Panz and Ambrosiana will have to fight for gaining the access to the quarter final. Virtually, FC Panz enjoy an advantage in almost everything as Ambrosiana will need an improbable 3-0 win. And they are playing away. If they manage, it would be an unseen feat in the history of fantasy football and this competition.
In Group C, FC Cariba United reached the minimum expected result (qualifying to next stage) by  beating the first place bidders, FC Random. The awkward part will come in Spring. JK Kaine did not take advantage of FC Random slipping as they drew at FC Orki (2-2).
Group D is already decided with one match to go: CimBom and Tanit march hand in hand towards the Spring stage and have an awesome first place final in the last matchday. It's not just for glory as winning the group means avoiding the first of the other three ones. JK Ceares (first participation) will try to avoid finishing with a melancholic '0 points' in the last game against FC Andetud. The latters were able to hold tableleaders on a goalless draw. Seems hard.


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