Rumori di Spogliatoio


Angelo PalmeriComment

Group A: with FC Gembion bagging the 4th victory after two losses in a row, the great regrets are all on FC Staarid shoulders since they did not manage to win the direct clash Viimsi FC to access the quarter-finals. 1-1 at FT and Viimsi getting the ticket for Spring round. FC Lekuur left also out at 4th place for goal difference.
Group B: Ambrosiana FC needed a 3-0 away victory at FC Panz to claim the second place and the qualification to the next stage. However, the 2011 finalists managed to bag just one goal and left the ground full of regrets for a campaign that was badly handled. FC Panz go on hand in hand with FC Lamp to the next stage. FC Lamp is the very first team in the RdS Champions League to win all the 6 group stage ties. In the same group, JK Ässad leave with no points collected at all.
Group C: another bone cruncher was FC Cariba United as they collected 16 points including the last three points away at JK Kaine. The latters needed a win to try and overcome FC Random. Considering FC Random had a goalless draw at FC Orki, the regrets for JK Kaine are big. However the game against Cariba was not the easiest tie available in this group. FC Cariba United progresses onto the next stage together with FC Random.
Group D: everything was decided in this group since CimBom and Tanit had just to discuss the first place among themselves. In a tight game, it was CimBom to win 1-0 away and secure the first place 4 points adrift of Tanit. The latters have been the only club qualified as second to have collected more points of the other second-placed ones and have scored more goals of the team that preceded them (CimBom 6 goals in 6 games, Tanit 10). Tanit will be a tough client for all the group winners except CimBom. JK Ceares managed to write down the first three points in the last game against FC Andetud as they both exited the competition.

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