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Matchday 1 - results

Angelo PalmeriComment

No draws in Matchday 1 of 'RdS Fantasy Champions League' as none of the 16 teams shared the spoils.

Away victories in Group A as both FC Gembion and Viimsi FC did not concede a goal respectively to 2011-12 Champions FC Lekuur and to FC Staarid.
In Group B, titleholders FC Panz got easily rid of Ambrosiana FC with a classic 2-0 win away whereas Ässad and Lamp gave life to a tight game with the latters winning 2-1.

Demolition work by FC Cariba United performed on FC Kaine (4-0) as meanwhile in the same Group C, at FC Random, FC Orki had to surrender 2-3.

Group D saw 2013-14 runners-up, CimBom, beating 2012-13 Champions, Tanit with a one nil win. Newcomers JK Ceares, lost 2-1 away to FC Andetud.

- 3 away wins and 5 home ones.
- 5 clean sheets
- 22 goals scored (12 home, 10 away)

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Detailed calculations of the games here.
Comprehensive file here



I will now try to explain how the results are calculated for each game. If you have any questions, please come/write and ask ;)

FC Cariba United – JK Kaine

Both teams sent their lineups on time, so no problems there.

Lets talk about the substitutions – each team can have maximum up to 3 substitutions + a GK swap per game.

Here’s what happened with FC Cariba United: J.Mathieu (DF) didn’t play and in from substitute came A.Moreno. Everybody else listed by FC Cariba United also played and received a mark according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italian newspaper where the journalists rate each game (we use their ratings!). As A.Moreno played and received a mark then FC Cariba United played the game with 11 men.

JK Kaine had three midfielders from the lineup who did not play – J.Pastore (he played about 10min, but not enough to receive a mark from the journalists), D.De Rossi and Tiago. Everybody else played so JK Kaine only needs to sub the midfielders. J.Pastore gets subbed by A.Witsel – Witsel played and got a mark. D.De Rossi got subbed by L.Markovic, who unfortunately did not play either. Since JK Kaine did not have any other midfielders listed as substitutes (if more MF subs would have been available, Markovic could have been subbed again since 3 subs are allowed). So JK Kaine had to play the game with 9 men.

At this point +/- points are added. Here’s the complete list of the points awarded:


+3 for each goal scored by a player certified by UEFA;

+3 for each penalty saved by a GK (if penalty was shot out or on post, +3 not awarded);

+1 for each assist by a player

-0,5 for each yellow card certified by UEFA;

-1 for each red card (but if player was sent off as a result of 2 yellow cards, points deducted are -0,5;-0,5, case straight red card after a yellow card, then -0,5;-1) certified by UEFA;

-2 in case of own goal certified by UEFA;

-3 in case a player misses a penalty (either saved, shot out or on a post);

-X according to how many goals a goalkeeper let in.

The total of the marks and the +/- gives the team totals (FC Cariba United 88,5 vs JK Kaine 66). FC Cariba United also got 2 additional points due to home advantage (+2 points always awarded to each team playing home).

The last thing we have to look at how we calculate and evaluate the “defense average” and the midfielders performance.

How do defence average (average of defence performance calculated on marks net of +/- points) works in the match calculation?

We take the 3 defenders of FC Cariba United.

Their average (Sum of votes / 3) is 6,17. Is it a good or a bad one?

Considering votes are assigned from 1 to 10 by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the performance of defence is quite average. What will happen then?

Here comes the defence average points table:

This table tells us how many points our defence will subtract or award to opponents team total.

FC Cariba United defense average stays in gree-highlighted level. However, the line-up was attacking (3 defenders only). The rules in this case penalize a bit for opting for a more attacking scheme (like in real football: you may suffer a bit in defence if your scheme is attacking one). Therefore, in case of 3-men defence, the average level is always shifted one level up as yellow-highlighted. Therefore the performance of FC Cariba United defenders did not give or take any points from JK Kaine team total.
The average for JK Kaine defence was 6,33. So the performance of JK Kaine defenders should deduct 2 points from the team total of FC Cariba United. But as JK Kaine also played with 3-men defence the level was also shifted one level up. So 1 point was deducted from the total of FC Cariba United.

NB! If a team has defenders who did not receive a mark and were not subbed out, then for calculation purposes they receive a standard 5 mark. Again that is only for the calculation purpose!

Let’s see now what happens with midfield performance.

Here things are simpler. One team gets necessarily plus points the other minus points.

This is calculated on the basis of difference between midfields total.

FC Cariba United midfield sums a really impressive score of 29 with 4 men.

JK Kaine sums a good 31,5 with 5 men.

If one team has more midfielders on the field then the opponent then the rules say that gap between MF number (5 vs 4 for example) must be filled in only for calculation purpose with a standard 5 mark.

5 standard is therefore used to fill in gaps in MF and to give a mark to blank player for calculation purposes.

So we add a standar mark 5 to the midfield total of FC Cariba United.
FC Cariba United 34
JK Kaine 31,5

The difference between FC Cariba United total (34) and JK Kaine MF total (31,5) is 2.5, let’s see how (blue-highlighted line) it does convert in the conversion table for MF performance:

+1 to FC Cariba United

-1 to JK Kaine


Team totals are now modified with final score: FC Cariba United 88,5 – JK Kaine 65.

How this translates into goal?

According to the following table:

FC Cariba United 4
JK Kaine 0




NB!!! In case teams are in the same level, in order one team to win over the other, the final score difference should be more then 1,5 points. Example: 70-71.5, the score will remain 1-1; 69-71.5, the score will be 1-2 -> one more goal is awarded to team with higher final score. The extra goal awarded will not be taken into consideration in the group stage goal difference.
If both teams fail to get 66 points and the score remains 0:0, then the difference in points should be 10 or more points. Example 60-55 -> it’s 0:0; 60-45 -> it’s 1:0. And again the goal will not be taken into consideration in the group stage goal difference.


*5-men defence case*please read

In case someone would opt for this very defensive scheme due to several reasons (few FW available or solid DF to trust in) the rules award this choice!

Let’s see the conversion table again:

Let’s say the 5-men defence team got an average of 6.3

Normally it would subtract from opponent the yellow-highlighted figure

The award consists in shifting the level down here, green-highlighted

The 5-men defence team will subtract 3 instead of only 2 points.

As you can see, you can decide to “hurt” your opponent by choosing one or the other scheme.