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Kalev - Infonet

Angelo PalmeriComment

Welcome to this new section of  ´Rumori di Spogliatoio´ where I will analyze goal situations from a random match of the weekend action.

We will focus on Kalev (dark kit)-FC Infonet (white kit) – Matchday 13 – two clubs that will fight until the end of season to avoid relegation to Esiliiga.

After 6 minutes Infonet scores the opener with Kalimullin.

Kalev’s goalkeeper has already big responsibility for this goal for two reasons:

- the shot has not great power
– the shot is aimed at the post he is supposed to defend

When Infonet conquer the ball, the positions are the following:


Considering the imaginary ball line, there are 4 Infonet players and only 3 Kalev ones behind that:  whenever defending players are less than attacking players, there are always big troubles for the defending team.

In this situation we can see that Kalev central defenders do not coordinate their movements as one of them is trying to get the ball back and the other one instead of covering the position, he is trying to recover the ball too.
Left and right backs are not in the correct position either as they should never be behind the line of the central defender.


In this situation, it is an easy task for Infonet to score a goal when you have 4 forwards against just one defender. The Kalev´s nr. 77 is trying to cover the central zone however it´s basically impossible to do that; the nr. 26 is in a terrible position and he is running in the wrong way: he should run toward the central zone where the attack is coming from

Second Infonet goal is at minute 51 with a through ball.


At the moment of the pass, we have 4 Infonet players (still not in correct position, however they´re in midfield) and 5 Kalev ones: in this very moment, Kalev don´t have any set-up line, the players are far from each other and a team stretched over 80 mt. is a vulnerable one.


Here comes the big mistake: the central defenders should always be a few meters behind the right/left full backs in order to cover the space in similar situations. In the goal situation, it is an easy task for Smirnov to score as left full back and central defender are very slow.

Now let´s analyze what happened at minute 75´ when was Kalev to score.

Following a throw-in in the box area the ball is back passed to nr. 23 who sends it in the box.

The Infonet defense line is not badly set-up however, nr.5 (the one in the middle of the above picture) makes two gross mistakes: – on the moment of the cross, he stays where he is and he doesn´t rise up to leave the opponent in offside position; – he is behind the forward when he should stay in front of him. Another mistake is committed by nr.14: he is not placed in the correct position as he should stay between the man and the goal. After the cross, he is late in covering the space where the Kalev´s goal will come from.

At 78´ Infonet rounds up the score to 3-1 from a set-piece.


On set-pieces situations, the defense line must always be on the edge of the box in order not to let space to the opponent for long balls. It is also the ideal situation for a goalkeeper, as he won´t have too much people occupying his view or creating confusing situations.
On the set-piece execution Kalev is practicing man-marking however, if you observe attentively, 3-4 players are actually not on the man but just looking at ball: it is a huge mistake as it makes strikers´ life very easy.


Here you can see and understand better what I mean as we have 4 Infonet players left against 3 Kalev ones with the remaining 5 players just watching at the developments of the action, is it quite unbelievable, isn´t it?

The final score will be 4-1 for Infonet playing away.
The last goal comes from a penalty, and our attention will go on analyzing how the penalty was made possible.

Kalev players on the left side should go pressuring the Infonet player holding the ball and running. They should push him away from targeting the box and compel him to go in the corner for two reasons:

1) no danger can be brought once the opponent is pushed in the corner zone
2) defending team mates will have time to recoil and cover the central zone

Instead, this is what happens few seconds later:

Infonet player has all the space available to run in.

What central defender implemented to cover? He just left all the space to nr.18 and he was also the one to commit the foul that led to the penalty.

Giovanni Costantino