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A focus on the Levadia vs. Flora derby (1-1)

Angelo PalmeriComment

El clasico is one of the most important matches in Estonia, for tradition, for history and for teams level.

Flora and Levadia didn't have a good start of the season but they always offer many interesting situations when comes to tactics.


Flora's opener comes from corner kick.
As you can see all Levadia players (pictue below) are practicing man-to-man marking style.


From the  picture below, you can see that Levadia place one player on each goalpost and two player outside the goal using zonal marking.



Corner kick is long and goes over all players' heads. Levadia defender's header (picture below) clearance wasn't good as  he probably thought to be under pressure.


The situation was really dangerous for players and in these moments, what is important, it is the reactivity.
Best player for this was Alliku that scored first goal of match.

You can see on the following picture the body position of players.

Antonov (nr.6)  didn't read so good the situation and it was too easy for Alliku to reach the ball first.


Levadia's equalizer


Action start from left where El-Hussieny (picture below) was one-on-one against Flora's right fullback.

Flora's defenders line is not perfect, the distance between players is too great in this situation.



Teever (picture below) is against 4 Flora's defender but again the defensive line is too outstretched. Instead of covering the space, they try to take the ball away from Teever's feet.


Teever, after good control of the ball, makes a pass on the right to Rättel.
n the following picture the situation is quite clear.


Flora’s defence and midfield lines are highlighted in red. You can notice how and why they didn't work so good together, especially because they are almost on the same line. The left midfielder of Flora (in the red circle) didn't control Rättel (top of the picture) and he moved easily to the center ready to serve the upcoming Subbotin who smashed it past Toom.

Giovanni Costantino