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Kink didn’t know, Ojamaa doesn’t care

Angelo PalmeriComment

The Italian Job


I really did not know this.
Tarmo Kink ignored a clause in his loan contract to Györ from Varese that allowed him to play up to 1500 minutes free for the club. Every additional minute was to be charged by the Italian club – EestiPä

If they called me a second time to train with them, then it didn’t go so bad!
Frank Liivak is not going bad in Napoli… – Õ

Inter coach wanted him, but nobody could leave USSR during that time.
Saida Rjabova reveals Helenio Herrera wanted to smuggle players out of USSR in the 60′s –

From Istanbul to Tallinn: The Snow Balls Fight

In Tallinn the referee would have not abandoned the game.
After the Instanbul events related to snow, Aivar Pohlak candidates Tallinn as potential Champions League venue for the winter – Õ

I didn’t like how Galatasaray passed the group stage, therefore I hope Chelsea will avenge Juventus.
Anastasia Morkovkina did not appreciate how they cleaned the snow in Istanbul – Õ

If the Turkish will have a snow battle also against Chelsea, they will go forward.
Dmitri Kruglov singles out Galatasaray’s main strengths to get to the quarterfinals – Õ


In a certain way we have been negotiating with Tarmo for 10 years.
Raimo Nõu unveils the long courting to get Rüütli at Kalev as head coach – Õ

If a job is lying on the floor, why not picking it up.
Former Estonian national team coach Tarmo Rüütli explains literally how he found the new job at Kalev – Õ

I’m doing nothing.
Former Estonian national team coach Viggo Jensen is still looking for a job – Eesti Päevaleht

Home for Christmas

I bought the tickets a while ago already. I was there one hour before the flight. They (Finnair) told me: sorry, there is no space on the plane (for overbooking – A.P.). I cannot believe that.
Andres Oper is not lucky with means of transport…  – Eesti Päevaleht

The doctor booked a new time for me, it was a positive surprise.
Santa Klaus brings to Andres Oper a new shoulder for Christmas. He got injured in a car accident while he was in a taxi. – Eesti Päevaleht


Polish scuffle

He’s like the classic headless knight. He is a bit arrogant.
Kazimierz Wegrzyn about Henrik Ojamaa – Õ

To be honest, I don’t care much about what others are thinking about my game.
Henrik Ojamaa doesn’t care –

The Talented Mister Rjabov


He is offended with Estonian football; they have forgotten him.
Saida Rjabova wife about husband Georgi Rjabov, born in Tallinn, moved to Moscow to play in Dynamo (1960 – 1970) and was USSR international –

There are so many footballers who get paid and don’t want or are not able to play football.
Georgi Rjabov
makes ‘many footballers’ hear their ears ring –

Jashin was telling him not to shoot too strongly.
Saida Rjabova reveals Jashin feared Rjabov’s set-pieces drills at Dynamo –