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Struggling abroad and the Tammeka Saga - part 2

Angelo PalmeriComment


A lot of talk in Poland about Ojamaa's position. It seems new Legia manager Henning Berg is keen on moving him back to his natural position.
Jonne Lindblom, Henrik Ojamaa’s agent – Twitter

He has good speed, he is strong. However, there is still something to work on, such as the mobility on the field.
Henning Berg, Henrik Ojamaa’s coach –

The fact that I am quick, doesn’t mean that I cannot be quicker.
Henrik Ojamaa seems he has received the message -
Przeglad Sportowy

Ojamaa has exaggerated in the gym.         
Przeglad Sportowy reports news about Legia putting limits to gym trainings after tests revealed he had overloaded his workloads

Henrik Ojamaa now be fielded in the attack? We'll find out soon. In your opinion, what position should the Estonian play? Welcome to the discussion! opens the debate –


We have a very young team.
A 32-year-old, Joel Lindpere, about his new club, Banik Ostrava –

In the end, no one has made me any concrete offer from the US.
Joel Lindpere on the situation after leaving Chicago Fire –

Players and agents hear the name ‘Cosmos’ and immediately think money.
A secret source reveals Lindpere tried to reach NASL club New York Cosmos however, the salary requests were too demanding –


Luckily t
hese boats are more than prepared for it. I forget easily about the Titanic.
Nõmme Kalju defender, Jorge Rodrigues, overcomes his fears of travelling by boat on frozen sea  –

(…)Finland is a richer and more prepared country than Estonia for the cold weather - streets are more clean from snow and ice.
Jorge Rodrigues sends a clear message to Tallinn’s mayor Edgar Savisaar –

Finns compared to Estonians are much more closed and cold.
Jorge Rodrigues can bear with roads condition if people are better –

This is a long pre-season , compared with a pre-season in Portugal (…).The solution could be to make the pre-season in a warmer country (…) but the policy of the club goes through adaptation to climate and culture since the beginning.
Jorge Rodrigues adapts himself to the policy –


Tammeka are lacking, among others, the head coach.
Estonian FA official statement upon rejecting Tammeka’s application –

A club from Tartu cannot be managed from Germany.
Aivar Pohlak –

According to our information, the new Tammeka head coach will be the Macedonian Nikola Ilievski on their Twitter and Facebook account

Not true!
Babak Afshar reply on Facebook to Soccernet

For sure there will be 10 clubs playing (in Premium Liiga).
Mihkel Uiboleht, Estonian FA press officer – Vikerraadio

Both clubs are in this situation, if we offer them, then they would be ready to play (in Premium Liiga).
Aivar Pohlak, Estonia FA president about FC Kuressaare and Rakvere replacing Tammeka – on the 3rd of February

If the Estonian FA offers to the club (FC Kuressaare) a place, it’s needed to think carefully before giving an answer.
Aivar Pohlak implies FC Kuressaare is not ready anymore on the 4th of February

Let’s hope that in Tartu things get fixed.
FC Kuressaare CEO and player Martti Pukk showed solidarity to Tammeka –

If they (FC Kuressaare) quit, we are the next.
Rakvere Tarvas representative, Reijo Kuusik, thinks already forward –

I would lie if I were to say I don’t believe in it.
FC Elva CEO, Marek Naaris, about chance for his club to play in Premium Liiga one day–

Maybe we will see them in Premium Liiga one day.
Aivar Pohlak at the football award gala when Pärnu Linnameeskond was awarded – November 2013



We didn’t manage to give battle to Russia this time.
Martin Reim after losing 3-0 to Russia U-21 in Commonwealth Cup –

He has lived in Estonia earlier, his life partner lives in Lasnamäe.
Levadia’s press officer, Indrek Petersoo, about ‘foreigner’ El Husseiny joining the squad –

There’s not so much to talk about Wakui’s game. Everyone saw that, I am disappointed.
Toni Korkeakunnas, FC Lahti coach, upon Wakui’s trial –

Good question.
Daniel Meijel, Kalev assistant coach, upong being asked whether they are ready for Sillamäe on Matchday 1 after losing to Flora double – Kalev TV

The head coach is young and he is doing his debut season in top football.
Aivar Pohlak about new FC Kuressaare coach, his son Pelle –