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I say something wrong and then shit happens.
Tarmo Kink prefers not to comment about his contract with Varese –

If someone starts to talk behind my back with journalists, this is already a problem.
Henrik Ojamaa singles out what his problems were at Legia so far – via

I always say to players who have been left out that you never know what’s round the corner. Things can change tomorrow or in two months.
York City FC coach, Nigel Worthington –


For sure he will see the day after me.
Kalev coach, Tarmo Rüütli, about his assistant coach who has gone through several head coaches – Pä

We don’t panic, there’s still time until the start of the season (1st of March – A.P.), however some changes must happen.
Tarmo Rüütli about Kalev’s squad situation – Pä

We need 4-5 players more.
Daniel Meijel, Rüütli’s assistant coach – TV Tallinna Kalev

When the snow melts down, then you can certainly see me playing (football) somewhere. Where exactly it’s still not decided.
36-years-old former international Teet Allas might still be a valid choice –

Before it was a professional football club, with money and foreigners. Now it’s not any longer and there’s no need to make a face like if it were.
Tarmo Rüütli about Kalev’s club situation. Kalev switched from semi-pro status to amateur. – Pä

Bernhardt was demanding the team to give everything. He was filing claims if someone did not show up at the trainings.
Kalev goalkeeper Daniil Savitski did not understand the meaning of being a professional footballer – Pä

The most important thing is that Tarmo says straight forward to everyone: ‘’we’re amateurs, if someone plays wishing to become a pro, he must do individual training separately’’.
Daniil Savitski prefers Tarmo Rüütli to Frank Bernhardt. – Pä

‘’What are you standing there as a dummy?’’
Tarmo Rüütli to one of his players during the training. He is not demanding after all… – Pä


The development of many Estonian clubs is stuck because of bad training conditions.
Teet Allas director of youth projects within the Estonian FA –

At the end of season, when we win the (Polish) cup. Then we can speak Polish!
Henrik Ojamaa’s promise – via

Oh no, this I am not gonna say.
Henrik Ojamaa doesn’t answer to question about how he got so powerful chest muscle - via

As a self-confident man I think certainly so.
Henrik Ojamaa answering to question whether he is the strongest man in the team - via