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Kink's medicine and Reim chased by the State

Angelo PalmeriComment


We are not after anti-football.
FC Infonet coach, Aleksandr Puśtov before the game against Sillamäe –

We gifted three points to the opposition.
Aleksadr Puśtov after the game against Sillamäe. Probably a bit of anti-football when needed... –


I am disappointed and I don’t agree with the court’s decision.
Martin Reim as owner of the Martin Reim football academy, after the court overruled his appeal to the decision from tax board to ask for 18,000€ of tax money missing from their balance – Õ

Yes, I am a criminal!
Martin Reim's desperate cry –

For all my life I have fought in the name of this country. However, now, a court decision says that I have consciously not paid taxes. I feel I don’t want to do anything good anymore for this country.
Hands off Martin Reim –

The State should help the sports club in a way that they would be able to pay their fees.
Former Estonian Prime Minister, Andrus Ansip, passes the baton to Taavi Rõivas -

The clubs read the law in one way, the Board (Tax and Customs - A.P.) in another.
Tartu University Sport Club representative for basketball Andres Ottender - in January


I believe that the national team coach will call him.
Narva Trans assistant coach, Aleksei Jagudin, sends a message to Magnus Pehrsson on behalf of Siim Tenno –

Of course we wanted to win. If we didn’t want, we would have sent an e-mail (to Narva Trans) saying that we agreed losing 1-0 and don’t wait for us!
Lokomotiv Jõhvi goalkeeper, Valeri Smelkov, explains he did not really want to lose 5-0 –

I haven’t taken any miraculous medicine.
Tarmo Kink explains his state of grace since he joined Kaposvar Rakoszi (Hungary) after a bad performance against Gibraltar – Õ

I have to remind people that Tarmo Kink is back and is able to score goals.
Tarmo Kink and his mission – Õ

I will give my (football) boots to a young player when I am 35.
Flora defender, Karol Mets, about who could be his successor if he were to leave the club to go abroad now – Flora vs. Tammeka match program

My Mum was initially unhappy.
Woman footballer and Estonian international, Tiina Trutsi, about her Mum’s reaction when she started to play football –

Quite possible I belong to some list.
Ragnar Klavan about the rumour from German media that he might be the in the focus of interest of a Premier League club –


I’d prefer to score against Tammeka the least possible, but this is the job, I have to score.
Albert Prosa after scoring a brace to his former club –

It was all rumours; somebody in England wrote about it and then every football media outlet in Lithuania picked it up and wrote it on their sites. It did not happen.
Lithuanian player Donatas Kazlauskas about is rumoured lunch with Wenger when he went on trial to Arsenal U-21

People made it public too early, there was no need.
Rakvere Tarvas representative, Rejo Kuusik, about a tweet that revealed Tarvas was going to appoint a new coach (Sergei Zamogilnõi who later joined Kalev) –


Suddenly a woman voice-over in the live streaming of Paide-Kalju 0-6