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Rättel and Hum

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I sit here between four walls like an empty bag!
Joel Lindpere and his frustration of being sidelined by an injury since he joined Banik Ostrava – Õ

I really don’t take football like a job.
Flora’s midfielder Karl-Eerik Luigend – Õ

I can develop also by walking in Tallinn Old Town. I don’t have to hit the post 1,000 times with the ball.
Karl-Eerik Luigend and his revolutionary idea of football training – Õ

‘Being afraid’ this a big word.
Flora’s topscorer, Albert Prosa, upon being asked which opposition he is afraid most –

We are not favourites but we do everything to win the title.
Albert Prosa’s bid for the title –



A long interview by ‘Jalka’ (author Siim Kera) with the Levadia’s striker Artur Rättel. We are offering the most interesting excerpts

Small city, there are much less possibilities. There are no professional conditions. Pärnu football is just standing.
About his home town Pärnu and the decision to move to Tallinn at Levadia

At the moment I want to focus on football, I can go to study any other time.
About pressures being put by his mother to go studying in case the football plan wouldn’t work

At the high school there were some interesting subjects, like chemistry.
About what he could study in future. Artur ‘The Chemist’ Rättel to replace ‘The Chemist’ Hunt?

Kilmarnock said, 99% sure, that they would have taken me on loan until the summer. However something didn’t work. I don’t know why. This demotivated me a lot. The first two days (after hearing the news) I didn’t answer to anyone over the phone and I didn’t want to talk to anyone.
About the chance to go to Kilmarnock during the winter transfer window.

I didn’t get either there (in Scotland) or there (in Russia).
He explains how he quit the trip to Russia for Kubok Sodruźestva (Commonwealth Cup).

The pitch where they were training at, it was really funny. It reminded me of Sõle High School ground (an infamous grass pitch in Tallinn’s Pelgulinna district used by lower leagues clubs – A.P.).
About how the training ground in Tunisia looked like when he went there for a trial.

The coach (Mohamed Daou – A.P.) asked me ‘who are you?Where are you from?’. If I hadn’t asked myself anything, I would have been for three days in a row in my hotel room to catch a tan. No one was aware that I was going there to test. There, the club’s president makes his own choices about the squad and invites players himself. Big confusion.
About his trial in Tunisia at CS Sfaxien and how clubs are run in Southern part of this emisphere.

Europeans are not really welcome there.
He explains why he wouldn’t have accepted to play there if offer had been made.


He (Jonne Lindblom, his agent – A.P.) could have already brought me (abroad) but prolonging the contract (with Levadia) was my choice. I was scared. I knew what happened before at Levadia with transfers and contracts prolongationI felt that maybe that was not going to be good for me, I could mentally break down even more.
Explains while he prolonged the contract until end of 2014.

There was a chance to go to Dutch club Willem II, but Levadia didn’t give the green light if there was no contract prolongation.
Before he prolonged the contract.

I would like to play in Holland.
Upon being asked in which country he would like to play.

My father reminds me from time to time that some Russian blood runs in my veins.
Rättel is ethnic Russian who can speak both languages but feels more like Estonian.

This, what Russia is doing, it is really wrong.
About the Crimea crisis.