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Season kick-off!

Angelo PalmeriComment


Generally, we had this confusion during our pre-season.
Narva Trans’ coach, Valeri Bondarenko sets the excuses for season 2014 –

I only know one place, the first.
Valeri Bondarenko sets a realistic target for Narva Trans in 2014 –

Other places on the table would simply tell that we have not done our job enough well.
Valeri Bondarenko would refuse to do better than last season’s 7th place –

Everything less than the title is a failure.
Levadia CEO, Theimo Tülp, sets the club’s target for 2014 –

The budget doesn’t allow us to pay any salary (…) we can offer a place to live, food and bonuses.
Lokomotiv Jõhvi coach Viktor Nesterenko reveals the economical possibilities of his club –


In front of Zenit’s name we were visibly scared therefore we could feel that.
New Narva Trans player, Latvian Sergeijs Misins, upon losing just 2-0 to Zenit -

Our squad was the most complete.
FC Santos CEO, Meelis Eelmäe, answering question whether his club had no opponents last season (they finished 24 points ahead of the second place…) –

Some (parents) on the touchline want to take the coach’s job over.
Paide Linnameeskond defender, Karl Palatu, comparing his times with present times when parents go to their kids’ training camp –

Because of Varese organizational needs I lost December and January transfer chances.
Tarmo Kink blames his former club, Italian Serie B Varese, for having lost the opportunity to go to a bigger club –

I’m the oldest man on the pitch and I cannot run around so much.
International Taavi Rähn, after winning Supercup with Flora – Õ

Kalju are even better without me!
Vladimir Voskoboinikov after watching Kalju winning 1-0 over Infonet – Rumori di Spogliatoio

For sure I won’t play before end of summer.
Raio Piiroja upon joining FC Flora –


There was someone with my name there, not me.
Dmitri Kruglov tells Õhtuleht he was not the one testing in Ukraine – Õ

I took a break from football for a couple of years and I dedicated myself to other sports.
Striker Henry Rohtla upon signing a professional contract with Levadia. He is also a kick-boxer –

We cannot afford anymore the luxury to have too many foreign players that start to take the place of our youngsters in the Esiliiga.
Nõmme Kalju coach Igor Prins about the sensible reduction of foreign players at Kalju –


There were sufficient positive moments.
Tarmo Rüütli after losing 6-0 to Sillamäe –

We must investigate.
Sergei Ratnikov will try to understand why in second half on a 4-0 lead, Sillamäe left initiative to Kalev. Why I wonder… -

I would not say that today we have failed.
Lokomotiv's coach, Viktor Nesterenko after losing 3-1 to Flora on debut –


There’s no difference. Either amateurs, professionals or frogs…you need to score goals!
Marko Kristal analysis after the second official game with no goals for Levadia – Õ

Rimo was the man scoring goals. He was all.
Marko Kristal misses Rimo Hunt – Õ

This is certainly a setback.
Levadia CEO, Theimo Tülp about Hunt move to Kazakhstan few days before season's start –


I am never happy.
Igor Prins upon being asked about Kalju’s game against Infonet. We wonder how happy he was on Monday… – Rumori di Spogliatoio



I’d like to see 500 people at each games.
Lokomotiv Jõhvi club representative Sergei Ivanov and his optimism –

If the team loses they (the fans – A.P.) don’t come (to watch the games).
Nikolai Burdakov, Narva Trans representative, about their fans passion for the club -

If you play badly, then supporters do not come (to watch).
Kalju’s coach, Igor Prins, will make sure Kalju will play good football –

Only results bring the crowd to the pitch. If we manage to stay in the leaders’ pool, then also fans will come. It’s like this everywhere in Europe.
Sillamäe Kalev’s coach, Sergei Ratnikov, about bringing crowd to watch games. –

Just come to watch! Don’t wait for May and the birds singing!
Marko Kristal the motivator –


It depends what you mean by ‘Tartu most representative club’. Either a club who plays in the top-flight or a club who’s got more kids at trainings?
FC Santos CEO, Meelis Eelmäe, throws down the gauntlet for Tartu’s supremacy –


For us the season starts tomorrow against Lokomotiv.
Nõmme Kalju assistant coach, Getulio Fredo, tries to forget the technical loss –

Today, we have developed the machine engine further that, you see: it (finally) came.
Tarmo Rüütli about the chance to coach abroad (Kazakhstan)  after ten years –

It would be better (to return to Estonia) by land via Petseri.
U-21 coach, Martin Reim, describes the squad state of mind after losing 8-0 to Denmark –