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The end (?) of Tammeka saga.

Angelo PalmeriComment


The season starts on the 2nd of March with a home game against FC Kuressaare! This is very soon already!
With a single tweet, Rakvere JK Tarvas account reveals that neither Tarvas nor Kuressaare have accepted the place in Premium Liiga - @rakverejktarvas

I believe that the solution offered is effective and positive for the development of Premium Liiga
Aivar Pohlak upon commenting the offer made to the Tammeka football academy to continue as Tammeka –

Probably all parties - from sponsors to fans and from present footballers to upcoming ones - wish that Tartu and Tammeka would be in the tip of Estonian football
Tammeka football academy calls everyone to take their responsibilities now –

She admitted that not accepting the recovery program was a big mistake.
Aivar Pohlak reveals what Jane Afshar told him – Õ

I admit that the Estonian FA should have probably behaved with more energy in this situation.
Aivar Pohlak’s mea culpa – Õ


Out of 18 topscorers of Meistriliiga since second independence, five have not played in any country’s top flight and seven have not scored a goal in a top flight. Those who scored, they have done it very little.
A statistics wished good luck to Rimo Hunt in Kazakhstan –

I wanted to see players from Pärnu and Vandra but all the answers were negative. What are they scared of?
Viktors Nesterenko did not understand why Estonian players did not want to go to play at Lokomotiv Jõhvi in Eastern Estonia –  on the 3rd of January

So Estonian boys are not scared to come to North-Eastern Estonia and fight for a place.
Lokomotiv Jõhvi website about Tartu Tammeka Martin Jõgi testing at their club –

In first half we clearly slept.
Marko Kristal about Levadia first half vs. Paide (0-2) –

I haven’t seen anywhere in Europe a pitch like this one here (in the new indoor hall – A.P.)
Sillamäe coach, Sergei Ratnikov, might have had a sip before speaking –

The only outstanding one was Ciprian Danci (FC Botosani player – A.P.), the others, with no exception, failed.
FC Botosani director, Cornel Sfaiter about losing 0-1 to Rapid Bucharest (floating in lower series). Eino Puri did no make exception –

Flora were very sharp, they surprised us in a good way.
Mikael Forssell after losing 1-0 to Flora – Rumori di Spogliatoio