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Angelo PalmeriComment

Every week we pick the best quotes from the Estonian football world. Special attention this week to the new national team coach, Magnus Pehrsson.

Of course Tarmo Rüütli will continue! Don’t worry about that!
Marko Kristal is not good at predictions – Postimees (30.10.2013)

- Some coaches are really annoying – if one of them is guiding one team, then I am surely not on that team’s side.
– Can you make a name?
– Of course, anyway I think they don’t read Estonian papers. Let’s be honest – and I am not alone in this – I don’t like Mourinho.
Tarmo Rüütli, the former Estonia national team coach –

I have always been a fan of Mourinho.
Magnus Pehrsson, the new Estonia national team coach, is left alone – (8.12.2013)

But I don’t like the way he (Mourinho – ed.) communicates with the media and uses them.
Magnus Pehrsson tries to establish a good relationship with Estonia media since the first day – (8.12.2013)

I haven’t met him yet. However naturally, if this is an option and he is ready for that, then of course I would meet him.
Magnus Pehrsson wants to meet Tarmo Rüütli-

According to any kind of logics, the new coach should be Martin Reim.
Tarmo Rüütli, wanted to meet Reim - (21.11.2013)

In my opinion one should deserve the place of Estonian national team coach. Not just that one guy comes and takes the place.
Is Tarmo Rüütli ready to meet Pehrsson? – (22.11.2013)

I think that we should continue this way.
Kostantin Vassilijev did not want the change of coach –

We (the players – ed.) are not the people taking decisions. Probably it is the best choice the FA could take.
Kostantin Vassilijev tries to convince himself –

Does he (Pehrsson – ed.) understand that the next Euro Cup qualification tournament is extremely important for the Estonian national team because we never had such a good opportunity to reach the final tournament?
Ott Järvela releases any kind of pressure from Pehrsson’s shoulders – Õ

I told Damiano (Quintieri – ed.) to bring me an Italy national team football shirt.
Vladimir Voskoboinikov wrote his letter to Santa Klaus- RdS

Rimo is our Wayne Rooney.
Roman Śmisko praises his teammate at

To be honest, I don’t know exactly to which club I am going to have a trial for.
Levadia’s Wayne Rooney flying to a secret location in Poland (disclosed later on by ERR: TS Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała) –

This is a cliche’, everyone wants to play like Barcelona, however Vasja Pupkin is not able to play like Xavi.
Marko Kristal does not trust Vasja Pupkin and his skills – Postimees

Nõmme Kalju website asked his foreign players what they miss most of Estonia while they are away:

The girls there, they are the only thing that makes Estonia better than France!
Allan Kimbaloula has clear ideas –

The people!
Hidetoshi Wakui is more diplomatic and doesn’t make any sex difference –

Obviously the club is where you get your money and reputation but internationally you play for your country. So for me it’s two completely different things.
Sander Puri does not want to choose which one he prefers – The Citizen (YCFC Match program)

I have cast my vote, I have nothing to be ashamed of… . My first choice was Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi was second and as a third one, did I put Ibra there…? No, I did put Ribery instead.
Zlatan gets another disappointment from Tarmo Rüütli –

We are certainly not the favourites here (Augsburg vs. Bayern in the DFB Pokal – ed.) however this is a cup game where miracles and weird stuff did happen earlier.
Ragnar Klavan called for the supernatural to beat Guardiola’s side – Õ

I don’t have a dog…walking the neighbour’s dog would have been weird.
Marko Kristal cannot walk a dog before a game as a suggested superstition ritual – Postimees

The decision (to ask the state for the money – ed. ) was taken after Edgar Savisaar told us that there is no money.
Margus Allikmaa, ERR CEO, explains why Tallinn TV could not purchase the World Cup tv rights. Savisaar will show ETV for free on Vabaduse Väljak mega screen.

During my time at Infonet, I was in good form and the trainings were going well. I cannot say why I was not given enough playing time. You should ask the Russian coach (Puśtov – ed.) and his Russian club mates. I respected him, he spoke to me in very good Finnish.
Finnish player Ville Oskari Lehtonen about his short stint at Infonet – (5.12.2013)

Ville wishes to have more playing time, however in our opinion at the moment he doesn’t fit to the starting XI criteria.
Alexandr Puśtov needs to improve his Finnish language skills – (8.7.2013)