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Albert Taar testing in Scotland Championship club

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Last update on 14th of August 2014 at 10:49 am EEST

Notwithstanding FC Infonet registered Albert Taar in the past days (he is not been assigned a number yet), confirmed rumours coming from Scotland have brought the news that he is training at Hibernian FC.

The club of Edinburgh has just started the 2014-15 Championship season with a win against Livingston (2-1 home). The Scottish second tier features also the likes of Rangers Glasgow, who have risen from the depths of the lower leagues after the bankruptcy and are hoping to return to Premiership football during the current season.

Albert Taar in the red circle close to defender Michael Nelson (on his left)- click to enlarge

Albert Taar has been spot at Hibs training ground through the a club's social media page by the users of who immediately noticed an unknown face and started to wonder who the ‘mysterious player’ (lit.) might have been.

Some of the fans offered he might have been Henrik Ojamaa, accounted for a move to Cyprus after ‘The Scottish Sun’ had connected him to the Hibs several weeks ago.

However, after a quick identity parade, it was clear it was not about the young striker they were talking about. Apparently his arrival in Edinburgh did not go unnoticed according to one fan reporting Taar was spot at Edinburgh airport as claiming at customs he was there to play for Hibernian FC.

Albert Taar with Wisla Plock jersey

Albert Taar with Wisla Plock jersey

Taar earned his first contract abroad after the 2013 season in Eastern Estonia club, Narva Trans. After the winter break, he moved in February for about 4 months to Wisla Plock (second flight of Polish football system). Once his contract expired at the end of June, he kept on training to keep fitness with Estonian top-flight side FC Infonet however he never played a game having not been registered with the club during the past weeks.

He didn’t have an impact at Kongsvinger IL and opted to register himself with FC Infonet (the transfer window is open only for free agents) in order not to eventually miss on the rest of the season. According to the agreements with the Estonian club currently 4th on the table, he can leave the club at any time as free agent if a call from abroad shall come.

Taar on trial in Norway

Taar on trial in Norway

In recent investigations over match fixing, his name was made by one of the fixers as possible target of involvement as reported in May by ‘Eesti Ekspress’ on the basis of the available documents at the Harjumaa Court House. Further developments regarding his position are not yet known since the Estonian FA has decided to postpone decisions over the people involved or simply named. In fact, the football institutional body, has broadened the investigations that shall come to a point in autumn.

If Taar will make it for a contract, he might get his fire debut already on Sunday the 17th in the Edinburgh derby against Hearts of Midlothian. Otherwise, he might get a call up to help Infonet in the clash against Paide on Saturday afternoon in Tallinn. 

The trial at Hibs was confirmed by his agent, Jonne Lindblom, the same of Henrik Ojamaa.