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Artjom Artjunin signs with Romanian top-flight club!

Angelo PalmeriComment

While everyone was looking at Kazakhstan as next destination, Artjom Artjunin has instead steered for a continental option.

The 24-year-old central defender, two times Estonian Champion with FC Levadia, is reported to have signed with FC Brasov, a Liga I (top-flight) club currently 10th on the table out of 18 clubs.

Club’s chairman, Konstantin Zotta, announced the signing.
The club website will not be announcing since it is down for lack of sponsors.

Ioan Neculaie, Brasov's patron (

Ioan Neculaie, Brasov's patron (

Artjom should be joining the squad already for the next friendly game on Friday as he attended a 11-1 win against Rasnov.

Club’s owner, Ioan Neculaie, is the owner of ROMAN, a truck and bus manufacturer. Neculaie purchased Brasov in 1999. He is know as a passionate car collector. Among other, he owns a
Dodge Viper (100.000€), a Mercedes G Klasse (140.000), a Porsche Cayenne (120.000) a Volkswagen Touareg (65.000). Among other items, a Harley Davidson (12.000) and an elicopter EC 120, worth 1.200.000 €.

Notwithstanding his wealth, the club is reportedly in financial troubles. ROMAN itself is not performing well on the automotive market.
At the club instead, the players have not been paid the salaries from the last 4 months. You can read more on the topic from this article at, a fans site. Last salaries received are the ones from June, with the past months left.


FC Brasov have never won a league title as they were runners-up only once (1959-60). The club founded in 1936 boasts several European participations, however mostly at the defunct Balkans Cup. Two participations in UEFA Cup: 1974-75 and 2001-02. In 2001 they lost 06 on aggregate to Inter.

Artjom in Romania (

Artjom in Romania (