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Estonian transfer market: deadline day

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22:05 On the foreign front, RdS sources have confirmed that Hannes Anier is heading to Scotland for a trial. Besides the country where already Tarmo Kink (Caledonian Thistle) and his brother Henri (Dundee United) are playing, Hannes will also look at Scandinavia if Scotland won't work out.

19:33 Theimo Tülp (Levadia CEO) confirmed to Soccernet the news RdS revealed about Pareiko joining Levadia. 'We're working for that'.
The goalkeeper confirmed to Õhtuleht they are waiting for the transfer papers from Russia (the shot stopper was playing at Nizhni Novgorod)

Deadline expires at 23:59.

19:33 FC Infonet signed a Swedish striker with Albanian origins, Ermal Hajdari (right picture). According to, his last club was Kristianstads FF. The player has already been training with the club in the past days considering the many pictures of Tallinn and the A.LeCoq Arena he posted on his instagram account. In the same account, we apprehend he has belonged to the Nike Academy. 

18:27 Traffic in Central and Southern Estonia.
Paide Linnameeskond coach, Meelis Rooba, confirmed to Soccernet that Finnish Jere Aallikko will not join the team. On the contrary, it is certain Martin Ustaal will go back to 'Paidelona'.

In Tartu, Tammeka announced via their CEO, Kalle Paas, that Ott Meerits will go back on the pitch during this season. Ott had officially retired from football and is a youth coach and physio at Tammeka (and also U-21 national team physio).

17:35 At the moment, only Mikk Reintam and Hannes Anier are the internationals who have not a club yet

17:25 Official picture for Joel Lindpere at Nõmme Kalju as anticipated by Rumori exclusive leaks about one hour ago.

Sergei Pareiko returns to domestic football after 14 years, back to where it all began (

Sergei Pareiko returns to domestic football after 14 years, back to where it all began (

17:00 Probably this is the biggest news of the deadline day coming just on closing time of the Estonian FA offices. It is the piece of news we announced about one hour ago.

The clubs are still able to register players via the ERIS intranet system. It's
 an e-tool that allows club to register players up to 23:59.

According to several sources of RdS, Sergei Pareiko has already a contract with FC Levadia.

The player was the team's training today around 2pm. Theimo Thulp was frantically coming and going from the EJL offices with the club's car. The announcement might be given in the evening.

16:20 Robert Kirss is sent on loan to Pärnu Linnameeskond. The accouncement was given on Kalju's website.

16:16 We have three internationals left in the 'Unemployment list'. All we can say for now it is that according to our sources, one of the following might also go today. Stay tuned for more.

15:50 It went a bit under the radar with the previous news, however Tammeka announced to have welcomed back Heiko Tamm who left last season for Levadia. Tamm's best moment at the Estonian Champions was the goal scored in the preliminary of Champions League against La Fiorita (San Marino)

Dacosta with FK Moscow jersey. The Ivorian has played also at Luch Energia (wikipedia)

Dacosta with FK Moscow jersey. The Ivorian has played also at Luch Energia (wikipedia)

15:50 Narva Trans have signed former Levadia midfielder Marek Kaljumäe. The player is already registered in the squad list.
According to Rumori sources, there is another player Trans are negotiating with: Akes da Costa Goore. Simply known as Dacosta, the Ivorian is a 30-year-old left back who has represented his country at U-20 level. He is a free agent and last season was at Alania Vladikavkaz. 

15:40 The mystery signing at Nõmme Kalju is Joel Lindpere!

Exclusive leaks to Rumori have confirmed that Nõmme Kalju are signing former Chicago Fire and New York Red Bull player. Lindpere boasts 98 caps and 7 goals. Lindpere's last club in Estonia was FC Flora (2007).

Left Kalju, via Tammeka, to return to Tallinn

Left Kalju, via Tammeka, to return to Tallinn

15:17 OFFICIAL! Hindrek Ojamaa joins Levadia! The player is in the list registered by the Maarjamäe club.

The former Levadia youth player was on trial in Scotland but returned to Estonia and trained with Levadia in the past week.

15:17 All good for Rahmanov. It seems that the necessary permits were fulfilled and the Belarusian defender was added to the list. He missed the Supercup final against Santos, however he is available for choice against FC Infonet.

15:12 OFFICIAL! Striker Jarmo Ahjupera (last season at Kalju) has joined Viljandi Tulevik. The announcement was given few minutes ago on the club's official webpage. Ahjupera has represented Estonia 22 times and netted 1 goal. 'We are now complete,' said Viljandi CEO, Raiko Mutle.

15:08 OFFICIAL! FC Flora have signed Enar Jääger. The announcement was made on the club's Facebook page.
The list on unemployed internationals becomes shorter.

15:05 If Piiroja plans to play with the first team, Kalju's coach Terehhov will keep fit with the second team. The Kalju gaffer will turn 40-year-old in April and has been registered with Kalju II (Esiliiga, second flight). Ca va sans dire, he is the oldest player there.

Raio spent the winter training and competing in marathon skiing (

Raio spent the winter training and competing in marathon skiing (

14:49 Will he ever retire? 
Raio Piiroja is Pärnu CEO and he is supposed to retire on the 31st of March in an international game against Iceland. However, he has been registered as Pärnu player. Will he play? He was also registered for all season long at Flora in 2014 however the 113-time capped international never played a single game.

A short unhappy stint at Erzgebirge Aue, is Hannes ready to come back home? 

A short unhappy stint at Erzgebirge Aue, is Hannes ready to come back home? 

14:49 Kuno Tehva confirmed to the microphone of Soccernet, the rumour spread by RdS 'I'd prefer not to say or promise anything,' said Kalju's president regarding to another international about to be signed 'things will be clear by 5pm.'
Another hint at who could be signed, it is the fact that, apparently, Joel Lindpere has already refused to join Kalju in the past because of the artificial grass of Hiiu Stadium. The 98-time capped has several times complained for his back pains and hinted at the artificial grass as not the ideal surface for his delicate health.
All seems to hint at Hannes Anier now.

12:35 Club sources confirmed that FC Infonet will not sign Camerun striker Robert Ndip Tambe who scored a brace in a preseason friendly.

Lindpere last Estonian club was Flora, will he join Kalju now? (

Lindpere last Estonian club was Flora, will he join Kalju now? (

12:04 According to Rumori sources, Kalju's list is not complete yet!
It seems that the Hiiu club are about to announce another big signing that should be from what we called the 'Estonian internationals - Unemployment List'. As you can see from the list below, there are five names left. If Jääger shall be close to sign with Flora and Reintam is to be considered gone, the choice is limited to Sergei Pareiko, Joel Lindpere and Hannes Anier. Considering Kalju have already three shot stoppers (Teleś, Vahi and Palm), the choice seems to be between Lindpere and the younger Anier.

12:04 Another name missing from Kalju's list is defender Mikk Reintam. The player is free agent.

11:58 Full squad presented by FC Infonet. Camerun striker, Tambe, is not registered there and doesn't appear in the second team either. 

11:55 Sillamäe have registered most of the squad. Names missing are Lithuanians Miceika and Leliuga. Probably just some documents missing (scroll below to check what is needed to fully register a player)

11:45 Nõmme Kalju have presented their official squad for season 2015. The complete list of players and their jersey numbers can be found here.
No surprises whatsoever compared to what happened in the last days (signing of Junolainen and contract renewal for Kallaste).
Martin Ustaal is not in the list, therefore a contract was not offered after the long period of trial.
The options for the former U-19 internationl are either to stay at Levadia (the club owning his playing rights) or, eventually, returning to Paide where he played the last two seasons.


11:40 Estonian international Dmitri Kruglov has signed a new contract with Levadia as he's been registered with the club and will wear nr.18 jersey. Whether it is a professional contract or amateur depends on the agreements between the player and Levadia. Certainly, as it happened in the past, there shall be a clause that allows the 95-time capped to free himself if a foreign offer shall come.

11:35 What is needed for a correct registration of a player? We asked Veiko Soo, Premium Liiga development manager.

a) Each player must have a valid football licence.
b) If the player is EU, EEC or Swiss citizen, he needs an Estonian ID card with residence rights in Estonia.
c) For other citizens, a residence permit is needed.
d) For players coming from other football FA's (Estonians and not) the ITC is needed (International Transfer Certificate).
e) Together with the professional contract, the clubs must forward evidence of an insurance contract issued for the player (insurance should be valid at least until the end of the season). In case of amateur contract, the insurance is only suggested.
f) The clubs must forward also the results of the medicals signed by the screening doctor.


11:25 It’s deadline day for the Estonian transfer market!

Follow with us the latest news on last-minute transfers! All the updates will be posted here.

A view of the A.LeCoq Arena where the Estonian FA offices are located (

A view of the A.LeCoq Arena where the Estonian FA offices are located (

Terms of deadline day.
If a club wants to physically ship the documents, the deadline time is 5pm today.
The time corresponds to the closing time of the Estonian FA offices in Asula street (the offices are located in the A.LeCoq Arena premises).
After 5pm, the clubs can still forward all the documents via the ERIS intranet system, an e-tool that allows club to register players up to 23:59.
ERIS is accessible via the ID-Kaard, the Estonia ID e-card that allows local citizens also to vote at elections, store their medical receipts or simply do mobile banking.
We’re in e-Stonia after all…